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Boundary Bald & Sally Mts near Jackman

08/02/2019 Region: New England Activity Type: Hiking/Walk Place: Jackman, ME

Weather permitting I'm thinking of going to Jackman, Maine and hiking Boundary Bald Mtn and maybe Sally Mtn this coming Friday, Aug. 2.

Jackman is on U.S. Rt. 201 south of the Quebec border.  It is almost 90 miles north of Waterville, Maine.  For me it is a 245-mile drive that takes 4 1/2 to 5 hours.

Jackman is fairly remote with no other sizeable towns around it.  Some people would not even consider Jackman sizeable.  LOL   But it is for that area.

My plan is to camp at Moose River Campground in the town of Moose River, immediately north of Jackman.  I would arrive in the late afternoon on Thursday and stay until Sat. morning.

Anyone wanting to do one or both of the hikes could join my at the campground, stay at another location, or come for one day.  I have room in my tent for one person and you'd need to bring your own sleeping gear.

I plan on hiking Boundary Bald on Friday.  Might do Sally after or wait and do that Sat. morning.

Here is some info on the hikes:

1.  Boundary Bald Mtn is located north of Jackman.  Elevation is 3,640 ft.  Boundary Bald is on the New England 50 Finest list.

The drive to the trailhead is on woods roads of unknown condition, but should be passable with a vehicle with good clearance underneath.  The last 1.4 miles to the trailhead I do believe is only passable by 4wd. 

*  The drive to the trailhead is on private woods roads, and is "pass at your own risk".  Logging trucks have the right away, and you MUST let them by.  Land/road owners, truckers, logging companies/contractors etc. are not liable if there is an accident involving them.

Once outside of Jackman cell phone service will be spotty to non-existent.

Phones should work on mountain summits.

I'll assume the last 1.4 miles of the road will be a walk.  After the road walk it is another 1.2 miles on the trail up the mountain.  Total going up is 2.6 miles.

Near the end, the trail follows the ridge of the mountain with scrub growth to the summit, where there are views in all directions.  The summit is not 100% wild as there are 2 radio facilities located there.  

The elevation gain, including road walk, is around 1,790 ft.  Plan on 4 hours for the total hike.  I will consider this a moderate to strenuous hike.

I'd also like to scout for the remains of two old fire watchman's camps near where the trail leaves the road.

2. Sally Mountain is located southwest of Jackman a short distance out of town.

Elevation is 2,221 feet.

The first 1.8 miles of this hike follows the railroad tracks unless someone has a boat or canoe.  The trail from the tracks to the summit is 1.2 miles.  Total going up is 3 miles. 

There used to be a fire tower here but it burned years ago.  There are excellent views from the open ledges at the summit.

The elevation gain is around 1,035 feet.  The hike along the tracks is fairly level.  Plan on 3 1/2 hours for this hike.  I will consider this a moderate hike.

After returning to the tracks there is a trail that continues to a campsite on the shore of Attean Pond that I want to check out. There is a beach at the pond for anyone who wants to take a dip before going back to the trailhead.

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