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Bear Hole Reservoir Hike

Date: 03/27/2022 Region: New England Activity Type: Hiking/Walk Place: West Springfield, MA

A hike/walk on gravel roads (no motor vehicles) of a little over 2.5 miles with a few gentle elevations.  Drive in from Dewey St./Bear Hole Rd. (NOT Morgan Rd./Great Plains Rd.).  We will park and meet at the barriers across the road.&nb.. >>Read More and View "Who Likes It"

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If you are scheduling the trip ..... let me know. I'm interested in pooling from Chicopee as I am unfamiiliar with this park. I also need to let my regular Sunday friend know I will be busy.


I am totally keen on joining but can’t due to prior plans. Thanks for posting an event within easy reach of Hartford. I would be happy to look around for other events nearby. Appreciate the effort, keep in touch.

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posted by TomKerner

Chattanooga hike

Date: 03/26/2022 Region: South Central - East Activity Type: Hiking/Walk Place: Chattanooga , TN

Anytime anyone wants to hike in Chattanooga TN

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This is an awesome idea. Unfortunately, I work weekends and cannot attend but I am open to a hike during the week if it's possible. I'm up in the Clinch/Cumberland Gap area so if that is an option for some, let's make a plan.


Chatt is a nice town to visit, but is distant for me on a Saturday. Shout at me if you hike/camp in the Waynesville or Sylva NC area. Smokey Mtn Nat'l is nice. Peace, Markus

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posted by JameyT

Jotenheimen National Park Trek, Norway (

Date: 08/12/2023 Region: International Activity Type: Vacation Trip Place: Gjendesheim, Norway, NY

This will be a 9-day, 70-mile (approximately) trek through the highlights of Jotenheimen National Park, Gjendesheim, Norway and is rated strenuous (Black 3 to Black 4).  See third link below for key to walking grades.

The preliminar.. >>Read More and View "Who Likes It"

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posted by Richardg

Squam Lake Canoe Camping

Date: 08/12/2022 Region: New England Activity Type: Kayaking/Canoeing Place: Holderness, NH

Hi All,

I will be booking a site on Squam Lake this upcoming summer after a two year hiatus. 

Bookings don't open until late February, so I don't know the exact dates or site yet, but I plan to reserve for a Thursd.. >>Read More and View "Who Likes It"

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Guys, Unfortunately pre-reservations seem to have filled most of the best sites for the 2022 season. We will try again next year.


You mean nobody is going to try the Jane Fonda backflip on the dock! There could be some sucking face in the bushes...you never know...LOL

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posted by Richardg

Dog Dude Afternoon

Date: Region: New England Activity Type: Hiking/Walk Place: Upton, MA


Attention Dog Dudes (those with dogs or those who just like having their face licked ...)

Upton State Park in Upton, MA has some nice low key and small breed dog friendly walking trails and is a short drive from Boston. .. >>Read More and View "Who Likes It"

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Ditto Moving forward fm RI.

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posted by SteveStrat

Afternoon Breakheart Reservation

Date: Region: - Regions - Activity Type: Hiking/Walk Place: Wakefield, MA

Has anyone done a hike or walk in the Breakhart Reservation? I'm thinking of a short (1-2 hr) mid-afternoon weekend hike around the lake near the western Wakefield entrance. I will check the mileage and elevation of this particular hike and post it.. >>Read More and View "Who Likes It"

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Hi, this looks good- close to Boston. Maybe we could stop for breakfast at the Irontown Diner?- I have never been, but always like exploring new diners! Steve


If you look at the contour lines on the map, you'll see that there isn't much elevation on most of the Breakheart trails, and least of all on the trails right around the lakes, unless you go off to a side trail such as Eagle Rock trail, which goes up about 200 feet. https://www.mass.gov/doc/breakheart-trail-map/download

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posted by Chris L


Date: Region: Texas Activity Type: Backpacking Place: Austin, TX

Would anyone be interested in working together to organize a backpacking trip for fall 2021? I'm thinking the Lone Star Long Trail, Big Bend National Park, Guadalupe Mountains National Park or elsewhere. Possibly for 3-5 days? >>Read More and View "Who Likes It"

Posted July 25, 2021 | Post Comment | Like


Obviously too late for this timeframe but I’m interested. I’m new to the group but would like to find backpacking and camping buddies.


That would be great

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posted by gunghojoe

Hike to Danielson Monument

Date: 07/15/2021 Region: California/Hawaii Activity Type: Hiking/Walk Place: newbury park, CA

No fee, no issues, just looking for other people my age group or older that like to hike.  This is not a tough hike, 6 miles.  Some switchbacks on the way up, super peaceful up at the top.  Love to meet others in the area that enjoy.. >>Read More and View "Who Likes It"

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I a busy the weekend of July 15 but would love to do something together in Southern California!


Sounds great -- I'm coming up from north Orange County, so let me know if and what time we depart, so I can plan the drive time up through/around downtown LA

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posted by chipster

Nude hike and picnic

Date: Region: South Central - East Activity Type: Hiking/Walk Place: Moncks Corner, SC

Not definite on the area   But,  A hike  n a  wooded trail  naked,,, carying some picnic supplies/drinks etc   I love to feel the fresh air on my body;  feel at one with nature.   we hike then.. >>Read More and View "Who Likes It"

Posted June 29, 2021 | Post Comment | Like


Would love to but it looks like about a 4 1/2 hour drive.


Love this idea - I hike naked 2 or 3 days most weeks in the 5 national forests, 2 large national parks and 1 national recreation area in upstate GA, western NC, eastern TN and southwest VA

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posted by Freshairman7

Wilderness Canoe/camping trip

Date: Region: New England Activity Type: Kayaking/Canoeing Place: Erroll, NH

Hey Guys.  New to the Group and haven't had a chance to attend a hike yet as I work 6 days/54 hours, only day off is Sunday.  Nonetheless, hope to take a long weekend sometime this summer, a Thursday through Sunday and would ebe inte.. >>Read More and View "Who Likes It"

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Hey Guys, thanks for the interest, but the weather was not that cooperative this year, and now it is too late in the season, so lets keep the idea alive for next year and hope the weather is better


Has this idea gone by the wayside or are plans still being made?

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posted by OtisSpunkmeyer

GO Fall Hiking Weekend

Date: Region: New England Activity Type: Hiking/Walk Place: Northern, NH

Seeking ideas, suggestions, pros, and cons.

I have led many hikes and of course the main issue I hear the most about is "drive time". Too far for just a day hike. Too short to stay one or two nights.

The objective is .. >>Read More and View "Who Likes It"

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posted by nhclimber03264

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