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Top 9 Gay Nude Beaches in North America

Due to popular demand, I bring you a list of the nine best gay nude beaches in North America as selected by regular tourists and naturists; and from my research on the internet.

Great American Nude Beaches

IT HAS BEEN A TRADITION in our land longer than we’ve been a nation. Country folks skinny-dipped in ponds and creeks; city dwellers looked forward to escaping to the country and their favorite lakes. Even President John Adams is rumored to have enjoyed a nude swim each morning in the Potomac.

Gay Riviera Maya, Mexico

There is a lot to do in the Riviera Maya, so plant yourself among the other traveling gays in Playa and then venture out from there!

Punta Del Este Gay Beach ~ Uruguay

Punta can be a conservative place. It attracts families in the high season (December-March) and while most resorts and hotels are gay-friendly, public displays will almost certainly elicit curious stares. However, head to the gay beach, Chihuahua, and there are no limits.

Gay Caribbean Escape: Roatan Island

Roatan is a gem with some of the most beautiful white beaches and snorkel/dive spots in the Caribbean.

Riviera Nayarit is Mexico's Next Great Place

Most gay travelers are well aware of Mexico’s most lively hotspot, Puerto Vallerta. But if you are looking for a getaway that actually gets you away (albeit not too far) from the flash and hustle of trendy bars and nightclubs, then Riviera Nayarit is for you.

Maldives Beach – Sun Island – Nalaguraidhoo

One of Maldives best beaches [of the inhabitable ones, that is], happens to be in the South Ari Atoll. The island is named Nalaguraidhoo and it is simply stunning.

Ultimate Guide To Hawaii's Gay Beaches

Hawaii comes close as the ideal place on earth. The combination of mountains, sea, a degree of underdevelopment and 365 days of sunshine makes it perfect.

Gay Belize

When the Cayman Islands suddenly and famously refused entry of an Atlantis Events cruise to its ports in 1998, Belize let the boat dock. More than a decade later, gays are slowly discovering that it's an ideal warm-weather playground.

Swimsuit Care

Learn everything you need to know about swimsuit care right here.

Hiking St. John's

St. John in the US Virgin Islands has what you need to escape dreary skies and the deep freezer. Pristine beaches, a National Park and miles of hiking await.

World's Top 10 Gay Nude Beaches

For as far back as we can remember, we have had fantasies of going on a trip, wandering aimlessly, only to miraculously stumble on a nude beach where heavenly creatures bring you aphrodisiacal drinks as they lay you down under a palm tree... with nothing separating the warm sand from your soft skin (alarm just went off... must press snooze).

How to Really Have Fun in the Caribbean Islands

There are signs that at least a handful of Caribbean destinations - favorite subtropical stomping grounds for spring-breakers, straight couples and "traditional" families - are changing their tunes.

The Surfing Getaway

Surfing in Hawaii, Mexico, New York and the Great Lakes.

The Great Gay Greek Islands Finder

Planning a trip to the Gay Greek Isles can be daunting. How to find the best beaches? The most charming villages? So break out the ouzo and prepare to be transported!

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