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Italian Dolomites Alta Via 2 Trek

After putting in over 8 hours of editing, our documentary of our 114 mile trek on the Alta Via 2 trek in the Italian Dolomites is finished! The montage is pretty incredible and can I say “WOW”! While pictures don’t do the trip justice, they do manage to convey the majesty of the Alta Via 2.

Hike The Continental Divide

The Garita Wilderness area in southwest Colorado is the route's best stretch of pristine backcountry terrain, and a five-day, 27-mile traverse offers all the challenge and solitude you could ask for.

Ultralight Backpacking

The fastest way to lighten your load? Look at the 4 largest items most backpackers carry: pack, tent, sleeping bag and pad. Check out our expert tips to help you pack smarter, go farther and see more.

Hike the Sierra High Route in California

The most spectacular long-distance mountain walk in North America is so little known that only a few hikers have made the trek in its entirety.

Best Places To Beat Cabin Fever

Slam the door in Old Man Winter’s face. Kick Jack Frost out cold. Laugh as the wintry wind howls. Their chilly fingers can’t get you inside your snug backcountry cabin. Warmed by a crackling wood stove, flush with enjoyment from a day’s exhilarating hike, ski, or snowshoe, you kick back and bliss out in the heart of winter’s domain.

Gay Backpackers to Thru-Hike 2,650 miles on PCT for Marriage Equality

I was very excited when I first heard about the "Hike for Equality" so getting a chance to speak with the founder, Brad Ryan, intensified my feelings and interest.

Create a stove from soda cans

If you’re a single hiker (or two) looking for an alternative to this “hefty” cooking mechanism, check the soda aisle at your grocery store. For only a few cents, you can concoct a simplified stove that typically weighs about a half ounce.

Find dreamtime in a quality, four-season tent

So what makes a tent worthy for the winter months?

Choosing the Best Sleeping Bag

A good sleeping bag is a cocoon of warmth comfort. You zip in for the night, grubby and exhausted. You emerge rested and refreshed, ready to the trail like a butterfly.

Train Like A Thru-Hiker

Bill Bryson learned it the hard way. Conquering the 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail takes physical preparedness. Bryson was decidedly out of shape when he set off. His companion, Katz, even more so.

Clothing, Gear, Equipment, and Supplies

Our recommended clothing/equipment list for summer hiking, strenuous above treeline hiking, winter hiking and overnight backpacking.

A Good Cup Of Joe In The Backcountry

Looking for suggestions for brewing a good cup of coffee in the backcountry? The tea bag style brews and instant doesn't cut it. Here are some ideas.

Gear-Loading Tips for Happier Backpacking

Getting it right still requires trial and error. Here are  backpack-packing ABCs so you can hike with ease—free from pinched shoulders, aching hips, and that constant yearning for the next rest stop.

AT Thru-Hikers Share Their Gear Secrets

If you were on the trail for hundreds of days and thousands of miles, what would be your most cherished piece of gear? To help answer this question of packing priorities, we queried dozens of AT thru-hikers for their hard-won thoughts on the matter. Some answers you’d expect. Others may surprise you.

Losing the Weight

Well, its that time again... The holidays are over. Spring is here. Suddenly the gym has become crowded. More people are on the streets jogging. Dieting advertisements are rampant. It must be spring time.

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