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Paddle British Columbia

An exhilarating and satisfying sea kayaking 'trip of a lifetime' on Vancouver Island.

Rafting the Zambezi River – The Ultimate Experience

It's one thing to witness the power of Africa's mile-wide Victoria Falls, created by the Zambezi River as it flows between Zambia and Zimbabwe; it's something altogether life-changing to hike to the base of the falls, hop in a rubber raft, and give yourself over to the river's fury.

Ease Into Kayaking At These Beginner Spots

Are you a beginning paddler looking forward to exploring your local waterways for the first time? The Northeast offers a wealth of options.

Following the Lewis and Clark Trail

Typically, to retrace the Lewis and Clark Trail, you have to make a choice: Bike it, hike it, or canoe it.

Tasty Whitewater Rafting Trips

Outfitters are raising the stakes, and steaks, on rafting by placing added emphasis on food preparation and cooking.

Pack Small and Paddle Hard With an Inflatable Kayak

Today’s inflatables are lightweight, extremely durable, and often safer and less expensive than their hard-shell counterparts.

Westwater Canyon, River Rafting on the Colorado

Westwater Canyon is the undiscovered gem of the Colorado River! Sheer sandstone walls climb over 1,500 feet above the river, and eagles soar overhead.

Paddling Among Thailand's Protected Isles

It's a challenge to find a group of tropical islands that's both easy to access and ideal for sea kayaking - and even rarer to discover one that hasn't succumbed to commercialism and crowds.

Whitewater Heaven

These six American rivers will spill, thrill and chill you!

Squam Lake Canoe Camping 2008

Tom, Mark, Dave, Steve, Jon and I met at Squam Lake Headquarters (SLA) in Holderness, NH at 10:00 am on Saturday, September 6th under cloudy skies with no winds.

Canoeing Southern Swamps on Earth Day Weekend

Our canoe trip in 2008 to the Congaree National Park allowed us to paddle through the largest contiguous tract of old-growth bottomland hardwood forest in the U.S.

Kwazy Kayaking on the Kwinnie Trip Report

We had 12 people show up, from Novice first timers to seasoned ocean kayakers, from stubby kayaks to sleek composite ocean kayaks, plus we had one canoe manned by... canoeists! And good ones at that.

Get More Quality Time For An Overnight Paddle

The first time you get into a canoe, it’s like the beginning of a love affair. Everything is exciting and new. You can’t get enough time together. All you want is to be alone on the water with your floating friend.

Rafting the "Deliverance River"

I'm sure rafting the Chattooga River on the border of Georgia and South Carolina, where the movie Deliverance was filmed, would bring movie flashbacks and talk about its famous rape scene with sadistic mountain men.  

Fall Kayak Destinations in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest offers some of the finest kayaking destinations in the U.S. and fall is the perfect time to get out on the water.

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