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Our Favorite Cross-Country Ski Trails

While the peaceful serenity is what we love about cross-country skiing, we don't want to keep it to ourselves so we are going to share with you our favorite places with you so that you can breathe in the beauty of the snow covered pines, listen to the quiet trickling of winter streams and reflect on the magnificence of nature in these very special places.

Cross-Country Ski Trails Cut By The Conservation Civilian Corps

The downhill ski industry in New England was practically created by the CCC and the trails and roads built in parks and forests created cross-country ski destinations that are popular to this day.

A Weekend on the Cross Country Ski Banadad Trail

The Banadad Cross-Country Ski Trail is along the Gunflint Trail near Grand Marais, Minnesota. A significant portion of the 29-kilometer trail passes through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness [BWCA].

Lodge-to-Lodge Skiing in the Maine Woods

Experience lodge-to-lodge skiing in the Maine Woods! Travel light and have a private cabin with wood stove, hot shower or sauna, and home-cooked dinner waiting for you at day's end.

Cross Country Skiing in the Bershires

The Berkshires are home to some of the most accesible cross country skiing in the northeast, especially for those who live in Boston, Hartford and New York City, where the drive to the trails is between two to three hours.

2010 Winter Olympics Preview: Cross-Country Skiing

Cross country skiing has been part of the Winter Olympics since the very beginning at Chamonix in 1924.

The Boards, the Boots, the Jargon

So here's a primer to help you decode the ski lingo.

Five Great Spots For Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is less speedy - and therefore less intimidating - than its steep-sloped cousin, downhill skiing. It also burns more calories, as skiers glide along snowy trails and skate up inclines.

Backcountry Skiing With My Bro

Our synchronous flow on the trail makes me as happy as the kicking/gliding we do. We'll be doing this together, I hope, until we are 80.

X-Country Skiing in Parley's Canyon, Utah at Mountain Dell

SkiOutUtah Gay Ski Club took to the trails (Cross Country style this time) in Parley's Canyon -- at Mountain Dell Recreation Area.

Pitch-Perfect Powder Stashes of the Northeast

Challenging untracked terrain, mind-blowing vistas, and snow. Lots and lots of snow. Earn your turns this winter in the Northeast's pitch-perfect powder stashes

Skiing Has Arrived!

Skiing before Christmas is a big treat and the skiing should be very good thanks to Mother Nature's recent snowstorms.

Beaver Brook Spring Cross-Country Skiing

Beaver Brook Cross-Country Ski Trails cannot disappoint! It’s just the way with that place.

Backcountry Skiing Essentials

The backcountry has always held a mighty allure for skiers, but only in the past few years have desire, equipment, and access converged to make off-piste adventures attainable for those unable to apprentice themselves to the mountains for an entire season. Resorts are opening their gates, ski schools are broadening their instruction, and wilderness safety courses are easier to find. Even the ski season, once limited to winter and early spring, keeps expanding as die-hards hike up before the lifts open for a few extra turns. Here's how to take advantage.

Gay Cross-Country Gems

Some of the best nordic skiing for gays and lesbians is where you'd least expect it.

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