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Trip to Tecopa Hot Springs/Death Valley

05/25/2019 Region: California/Hawaii Activity Type: Swim/Sunbathe Place: Garden Grove, CA

I'm posting this to see what interest there is before posting as an actual trip...  Which is something I want to do no sooner than 30 days ahead, as guys don't see it close to time to go and forget about it.

This is for Sat. 5/25 to Mon. 5/27, over Memorial Day Weekend.

A few guys from a small men's group are going out to Tecopa Hot Springs in the S.E. corner of Death Valley to soak in natural mineral hot springs and take advantage of the Memorial Day holiday and make it a 3 day trip.

Keep in mind that clothing is not allowed in the hot spring pools, and we'll likely be joined by other men in the pools if we stay at the least expensive spot there in one of their cabins.

We don't care what you look like, your age (must be 18+), or whatever.

Cost for the trip will depend on how many stay with us in the same cabin, as well as cost of food - we intend to bring plenty to keep costs down, as nothing there is cheap.  Expect a min. of $100 for the trip, and $25-30 more if you want in on food (total of 5 meals + drinking water, as tap is not drinkable in Tecopa).

The trip is about 5 hours in avg. traffic, and our can can fit 2 more guests with us.

Bijockdude23 Mar 10, 2019 at 8:23 AM

I like this idea, but think a different weekend could also be considered. Memorial Day weekend can often be difficult as people have plans in place already, often with their family. Also, I’ve been to hot springs that can be very busy (so busy not everyone can be in the water when they choose to). Although I don’t know these hot springs, I would imagine this could be the case for Memorial Day weekend.

ReneV Mar 10, 2019 at 9:43 AM

This is a great trip and I wish I was available. I will be in Spain over the Memorial Day weekend on a bicycling vacation. However, I will my eyes opened for the next time. Thank you for the suggestion, as it is a "great one." Rene

BAMEN Apr 6, 2019 at 10:39 PM

OK guys, one of your wishes is granted... The trip is now: Sat., Aug. 31-Mon., Sep. 2 Tecopa Hot Springs Soak & Death Valley Trip We've had a sched. conflict with our main driver that I just found out about, so here's the new dates. I do not know if I can edit the main post, so if not I may go for a new idea posting. :) FYI, the O.C./Long Beach area men's group behind the idea is BA-MEN... I'd post the link to our site, but it seems to be against the rules here, so just search f

BAMEN Apr 22, 2019 at 2:16 PM

OK, we've been told that over Labor Day weekend Tecopa is often quite hot, and have found that weather sites confirm... So here's the last change to the idea: Go over Columbus/Leif Erikson Day Weekend, Oct. 12-14, and since this is later in the year, my roommate (and our driver) may also be avail. the Friday before. Would anyone want to go this second weekend in October???

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