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Sunset Ridge Trail up Mt Mansfield, VT

Region: New England Activity Type: Hiking/Walk Place: Burlington/Underhill, VT

So few events seem to be in or "near" the Vermont area, yet our landscape can be breathtaking!  I really want to try and get out on the trail more and yet I'm not keen on doing some of these solo.  Since there also seems to not be many chances to meet new like-minded people up this way, I thought maybe I'd propose an idea and see what becomes of it.  

I was thinking of this for sometime maybe in spring, like after the snow goes so its not too wet.   Just brainstorming, but it could also be made an over-nighter as there is the Butler Lodge which appears to be accessible from one of the area side loops ().   

More details on the route i had in mind can be seen here:

vtfred Jan 4, 2019 at 5:56 AM

Dear npd1164, glad you posted this as it's a beautiful hike, although not sure a spring hike is best idea since many trails are closed typically at that time of year due spring runoff and trail conditions. Looking further south, you might consider Mt. Ascutney as winter hike, perhaps on a warmer day if cold is a deterrent. I like the mountain and views, and would be interested in a winter hike there. Let's see what others have to say? Best, Fred

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