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Christmas Night at the Hut

12/25/2018 Region: New England Activity Type: Hiking/Walk Place: Bethlehem, NH

Merry Christmas Gentlemen!

Those who have hiked with me know I have shifted life in various ways which include how I celebrate what has become known as "The Holidays".  As I've gotten older the season holds different meaning for me and I choose to celebrate in ways that unite what I love to do most while creating the opportunity to bring a little joy to others along the way.  Christmas - is no exception.

Hut caretakers are on their own up in the wilds of the White Mountains and I can't think of anything better than to bring a little holiday cheer to them.  They work hard and make winter hiking a more enjoyable experience for many - so why not give back.

The plan is to meet on 12/25 and hike up to Zealand hut during the day.  We'll bring spirits, all the best ingredients for an amazing meal, a gift for the caretaker and uber energy for a big hike on the 26th.  Weather depending, we'll explore the trails above Zealand Hut and do what we can.  Last year my goals were thwarted by a farily significant snowfall on the 25th. There was over four feet of fresh snow at elevation when I was up there - SIMPLY AMAZING.  I hiked to Zealand on the 26th and when I reached the hut, I teamed up with a small group from the AMC.  We broke trail to Zeacliff where we called it good - a brilliant time it was.  We bunked for night two, shared dinner and deserts, good cheer and great wine.  I hiked out on the 27th - pure bliss.

If this is of interest - let me know.  Typical winter hiking gear including snowshoes will be required.  We can set summit goals depending on interest.  We hike in on the 25th, explore the summits on the 26th and hike out the 27th.  Two nights at Zealand Hut.



fitnessgerard Oct 29, 2018 at 8:04 PM

This sounds like a wonderful trip. I wouldn't be able to join this year if you have it. But would love to in the future. Enjoy the holidays. Gerard

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