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The Best Swimming Holes In Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to some very nice swimming holes. You just have to take the time to actually look for them. This is a list of some of the best swimming holes in Massachusetts.

Best Swimming Holes In New Hampshire

One of the many things that draws me to the White Mountains is the abundant swimming holes. Here is my list of the best swimming holes in New Hampshire.

Best Waterfalls & Swimming Holes in Maine

There are 30 documented waterfalls in Maine and these 12 are considered the best because of their tremendous drops, beautiful scenery, or easy-to-get-to location.

Natural Waterslides

One trip down a tree-lined 30-foot drop in spring-fed whitewater, and you'll never go back to blue fiberglass again.

Vermont Swimming Holes Offer Natural Cool-Off Spots

Vermont has no shortage of places to cool off: When summer's heat settles in, people head to the countryside to cool off in old-fashioned swimming holes that dot the state's rivers and streams.

Vermont's Perfect Gay Nude Swimming Holes

The first state to accept civil unions for gay men has also been open minded when it comes to nudity on public land. It doesn't care if folks are nude on public lands as long as its out-of-sight. The state has the most gay nude swimming holes than any other state in New England.

California's Perfect Gay Nude Swimming Holes

How can you beat sunny California and a gay nude swimming hole? Northern California is less populated and has some remote areas so it provides many more sites for nudity.

Three Hikes to Natural Waterslides

Slip and slide into refreshing pools at these backcountry swimming holes.

Hike-In Swimming Holes

There are never lines at backcountry pools ~ and summer rarely gets sweeter than when you're hurtling headlong into a naturally engineered pool of pure, cool agua.

Wilderness Hot Springs Hikes

Native Americans consider hot springs sacred. Pioneer hucksters claimed they had magic healing powers. Here are three scenic soaks.

Arizona's Perfect Gay Nude Swimming Holes

Nothing beats a cool swim in the nude on a hot day. Here are Arizona's greatest gay nude swimming holes.

America's Best Gay Nude Swimming Holes

Come join us in our happy pursuit of an enduring gay symbol of summer - the old gay nude swimming hole. When we find a winner - oh, baby, feel the damp excitement!

Splash Tested: America's Best Swimming Holes

Pancho Doll wrote the books on where to find the country's top swimming holes in California, the Southwest, and the Northeast. Now Doll weighs in with his highly opinionated list of the 15 best places to cool off this summer. Doll's holy trinity—height of adjacent rock walls, depth of water, and nudity—are rated from one to five in ascending order of righteousness.

Virginia's Best Gay Nude Swimming Holes

How can you beat warm Virginia and a gay nude swimming hole? Virginia has quite a few for skinny dipping. The more remote areas are ideal for gay guys if you don't mind hiking to them.

Sweetest Swimming Holes

Backpacker Magazine's readers voted for their favorite swimming holes. Is yours listed?

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