Best Waterfalls & Swimming Holes in Maine

By Mike Boisvert.

There are 30 documented waterfalls in Maine and these 12 are considered the best because of their tremendous drops, beautiful scenery, or easy-to-get-to location. The best time to see Maine's waterfalls is during the spring thaw when the ice melts and the water rushes fast and strong. Visit in the late summer months to enjoy warmer water for swimming.

Angel Falls Located in Township D, near Oquossoc. This 90 foot waterfall is, debatably, the tallest waterfall in Maine. Almost a one mile hike in the woods leads to this spectacular scenery. The waterfall is surrounded by 115 foot cliffs.

Bickford Slides Located in Stow, hidden between Sugarloaf Mountain and Blueberry Mountain. This brook has several slides and the many falls range from 40 to 50 feet.

The Cataracts Located in Andover West Surplus. The many falls here are only powerful in the spring.

Dunn Falls Located in Andover North Surplus, the waterfalls, cascades, and swimming holes are found near the Appalachian Trail. The largest drop is almost 80 feet and another is 50 feet.

Ellis Falls Located in Andover, this Ellis Meadow Brook waterfall is only 17 feet and has a small swimming pool. This roadside waterfall is easy to get to, with no hiking required.

Gulf Hagas Located in Bowdoin College Grant East, this waterfall's source is the West Branch Pleasant River. Nine miles of hiking an uphill loop leads to four named waterfalls, numerous cascades, and many swimming pools. The largest waterfall drop is 25 feet.

Houston Brook Falls Located in Pleasant Ridge, just minutes from Route 201, this waterfall is easy to reach. A 30 foot drop falls to a swimming hole, but the jagged rocks make it difficult to enter the pool.

Moxie Falls Located in Moxie Gore, this is the other, debatable, tallest waterfall in Maine. The largest fall is either 89 or 90 feet, depending on who you ask. One smaller fall, several cascades, and a few swimming pools are nearby.

Poplar Stream Falls Located in Carrabassett Valley, near Sugarloaf USA, this fall has two drops. One fall is 24 feet and the other is 51 feet. There is also a small swimming hole below the falls.

Rattlesnake Flume and Pool Located in Stoneham, the most popular feature of this small 10 foot plunge, is the beautiful swimming hole. With rock walls covered in moss and teal water, it feels like you're in a tropical lagoon until you step into the frigid water.

Screw Auger Falls of Grafton Located in Grafton Township, this waterfall is only 20 feet, but is one of Maine's most visited waterfalls. A picnic area and parking lot is available for those who wish to enjoy the many cascades, shallow pools, and grottoes of this waterfall.

Smalls Falls Located in Township E, just south of Rangely, the Small Falls Rest Area is a popular place for locals and travelers. There are several falls that range from 12 to 25 feet, a colorful gorge, and several swimming holes. A short uphill hike is necessary to reach the falls.

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