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Canoe Camping at Squam Lake

Boisvert and Normand, seasoned GayOutdoors trip leaders, led a group in canoes for an overnight camping trip to a secluded island at one of the most pristine lakes in the country.

Learning Whitewater Kayaking at Otter Bar

Lake and Hanauer, kayaking instructors with suspiciously perfect names, want me to paddle upstream toward the line that separates smooth, black eddy from gushing white water.

Cascadia Marine Trail

The Cascadia Marine Trail, one of the National Millennium Trails featured in On the American Trail, stretches from Lighthouse Marine Park on Point Roberts near the Canadian border to Olympia, Washington, on southern Puget Sound. It passes through some of the most beautiful and unique marine environments in the United States and some of the most popular recreation destinations in the Pacific Northwest.

A Weekend Swamp Adventure

On Earth Day 2007 (April 22nd) our paddling group stood around the largest tree most of us had ever seen…a living bald cypress measuring 28 feet 6 inches in circumference 40 inches from the ground. It was indeed an awesome sight. The tree was found on our canoe trip through the bottomland hardwood forest of the Congaree National Park in South Carolina.

Whitewater Rafting Near Boston Trip Report

Our plan was to navigate twice through three sets of [Class III and IV] rapids, 'Twisted Sister', 'Three Beauties', and 'Middlesex Dam(n)', on a one mile stretch through the heart of the city. The Concord River drops 50 vertical feet through the city of Lowell and is the location of the earliest mill sites in the area.

The Photography of Joel Rogers

Sea kayaking has been a life-long love affair for photo-journalist Joel Rogers. Continue reading to view his expedition photographs.

Squam Lake Paddling Overnight Trip

Want to know more about our adventures? Just ask any of the participants and they will tell you the wonderful time we all had. Feel a bit left out? Well, come and join us on another of our adventures. You’re all welcome!

Withlacoochee River Kayak Trip

About 8-9 of us went out on a beautiful late morning from Nobleton Outpost for a 5-mile upstream one-way paddle. Gorgeous skies, low water and great company!

Paddle Thoreau's Maine Woods

When Walden got too crowded, Thoreau liked to sneak off to Maine's great northern waterways. Good plan.

Adventures On Water - Planning a multi-day kayak trip

Pack up your troubles in your old dry bag and smile. If you're comfortable with paddling and with camping, you're probably ready for an overnight trip.

Paddling to Those Special Places

As spring weather takes hold, temperatures rise and New Hampshire’s ponds and lakes clear of ice, GayOutdoors Muses columnist Gandalf highlights some of his favorite flat-water paddling ponds and lakes.

Where The Wild Sea Kayakers Go

Sea-Kayak: The rock-and-glide of open-water kayaking meets the sweet solitude of untrammeled shoreline. We found your paddling paradise in Florida—plus perfect water in Alaska and Maine.

The Ultimate GayOutdoors Playground

It's no accident they filmed The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. Its landscape is so diverse, it hosts every adventure sport imaginable.

The Everglades Moment

The park is expanding, the future seems bright, and mosquito season is over. It’s the perfect time for a weeklong float.

Run the Rio Grande

The little-known stretch of the Rio Grande just downriver from Big Bend National Park in southwest Texas, showcases the riverine glories of the desert Southwest: twisting slot canyons, fortresslike bluffs, hot springs, and sporty rapids. Better still, expeditioners here can often paddle for a week to ten days without encountering another party.

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