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James Lasher Interview

An interview with our December member of the month!

Cherry Mountain Hike ~ November 10

From the summit of Cherry [also known as Mt. Martha], there is a good view of the Presidentials from one spot, and a superb panorama of the western White Mountains from another, with over two dozen 4,000-footers visible in one glance.

Imp Face Hike ~ November 3

A grandstand view of the snowcapped Presidentials and Mt. Washington, with a sheer dropoff at your feet!

Osceola's Hike ~ October 20

Join the celebration as Martin climbs his last two mountains to finish his NH 4,000 footers!

Fall Activities Day In Connecticut ~ October 6th

GayOutdoors and Chiltern Mountain Club invites the LGBT community to join us for the annual Activity Day. This year's event in being held at the West Thompson Dam Recreation Area in Thompson, CT.

Block Island Cycling in Rhode Island ~ September 29th

Join us for a day of cycling 15 miles around the beautiful rolling countryside of Block Island.

Mount Washington via Boott Spur Hike in NH ~ October 13

An ascent of the highest peak in the Northeast [6,288'] from the Pinkham Notch Trailhead. Count on a very full day!

Sixth Annual GayOutdoors Photo Contest Underway

We're guessing that you have taken some exciting photos over the past year and we would love for you to share them with us. We hope that you will enter your five best shots in GO's Sixth Annual Photo Contest.

Step Lightly Through The Usual Ecosystems Of Bogs

Visitors should stick to boardwalks and peripheral trails to avoid damaging these fragile, magically diverse areas, but that shouldn't stop you from enjoying them.

Yes You Can: Ride The Rockies

If there's one bike tour that's a must-do, it's this mountainous Colorado cruise. The best part? You don't need to be an endurance freak to finish.

The Best Swimming Holes In Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to some very nice swimming holes. You just have to take the time to actually look for them. This is a list of some of the best swimming holes in Massachusetts.

Gay Riviera Maya, Mexico

There is a lot to do in the Riviera Maya, so plant yourself among the other traveling gays in Playa and then venture out from there!

Ben Interview

An interview with our July member of the month!

Beat The Heat

Managing the challenges of the summer months.

GayOutdoors Climbers Become The First All-Gay Team To Summit Nepal's Island Peak [20,305']

"It was intimidating to all of us since it was such a vertical climb, something most members hadn't expected and had never done." Even Hawse, the guide, was surprised. They wore crampons, and used ropes and ice axes to slowly work their way up. At the top - 20,305 feet - they waved the rainbow flag, left a strand of prayer flags, read a poem written by a mountain porter that will now be published as part of the International Year of the Mountain Celebration, and became the first gay team to reach Island Peak in Nepal!

Hiking, backpacking, camping or vacation adventures, GayOutdoors [GO] has been the LGBTQ outdoorzy community leader for the last 22 years. We are an informal group of diverse hiking enthusiasts in the United States with a shared love of the mountains who prefer hiking with friends. We invite you to join us on our hikes, to post hikes for other members to join you and to share your hiking photos, stories and advice.

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