James Lasher Interview

What draws you to hiking and the greater outdoors in general?

I just love being outdoors as much as possible. I love hiking new trails and doing my favorite one over and over. I find hiking fun, peaceful, a great way to meet new people and good exercise for me and my dog. I love being outdoors year round with winter being my favorite season, because I am an avid cross country skier. My career is outdoor recreation. I work for the Massachusetts state park system and looking to go further north doing the same kind of work. I have never had an office job and could not picture myself having one. 

Why do you like GayOutdoors?

I get to do outdoor stuff and meet other gay guys who also like the outdoors.  

What would members be most surprised to learn about you?

I used to live in New York City and I have a model train at home.  

What was your first GO adventure? How did it turn out?

I have just joined the group and starting doing trips. My first trip was the Imp Face hike. The hike and the guys on the hike were great. I knew this was something I would really enjoy being a part of.  

Hikes/Adventures that should not be missed? 

For hiking it would mean Mt. Washington just because it is the highest peak in the Northeast. As for adventures I think it is great to go back to your favorite trails but it is important to try new places. The reason being sometimes you may think a hike or place may not be that interesting but after going there it may become one of your favorite places to GO. Lastly for adventures I went to Barcelona, Spain for three months. It is a great place and I had a blast. I know I was fortunate to be able to spend three months but even just going there for a week should not be missed.  

Best Outdoor Advice You Ever Got? 

Have fun, be safe and be prepared for whatever may happen.  

What is your favorite place in Massachusetts?

Tannery Falls at Savoy State forest is beautiful. The falls are hidden in the woods. It is well known so it is not hard to find. But going there you would think there is not much there.  

What is your secret talent?

Having a lot patience.

What is the worst outdoor adventure you ever had and why?

Camping in the rain because you and everything else gets wets and nothing dries out until you get home.

What is your most embarassing moment?

I was in a rush and not thinking while backing my car out of the garage. I left the driver's door open. Because I was going to have to get out and close the garage door. It was a two bay garage with two separate garage doors. So when I backed the car out, the driver's door hit the section of wall between the two garage doors.

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