Kwazy Kayaking on the Kwinnie Trip Report

By Jeff Mee.

We had 12 people show up, from Novice first timers to seasoned ocean kayakers, from stubby kayaks to sleek composite ocean kayaks, plus we had one canoe manned by... canoeists! And good ones at that.

Two of us have made all 4 annual events, two more have made 3 of the 4 and 2 were here for the second time.

The weather was fabulous! Actually it was hovering around 38 degrees most of the day with winds gusting to almost 40 MPH. The water temperature was a cool 39.7 degrees.

I made the executive decision to offer swimming as an option only. I couldn't find anyone with interest...

The sun was out for the entire trip and the wind while gusting was at our backs for the entire trip.

The water was running fast, but there were only a couple of spots where it was anything more than a ripple.

The last part of the trip was across West Thompson Lake and with the wind at our backs some of the more seasoned kayakers were actually able to surf the chop, making for an easy crossing.

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