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From Georgia To Washington, Five Wild Campgrounds The Crowds Haven't Found

Sometimes the luxuries of car camping are impossible to resist: The fluffy depths of a 5-pound air mattress, the juicy reward of a grilled cheesburger, and the lazy joy of knowing that there's nowhere to get to because you're already there. You don't have to trek into the backcountry to escape the masses at these five undiscovered campgrounds. We'll help you pick a spot where the wilds---and your cooler---are close at hand.

Terrific And Unforgettable Time At The 2004 Gay Outdoors Gathering

It's really quite amazing that people would travel great distances, and spend their valuable time and money to hang out with people they (in many cases) haven't even met. But Gay Outdoor Enthusiasts are such a cool and diverse group of people. I can't imagine associating with such a disparate group of people and being so at ease, and having such a good time, in any other circumstance. It was a really great bonding experience, and so much fun! We were happy to host the Gay Outdoors Gathering at the Barton Cove Campground in Greenfield, MA, for its second year.

The Great Gay CampOUT

Sometimes the luxuries of car camping are impossible to resist: The fluffy depths of a 5-pound air mattress, the juicy reward of a grilled cheeseburger, and the lazy joy of knowing that there's nowhere to get to because you're already there. We'll help you pick a gay campground where the wilds---and your cooler---are close at hand.

Sauratown Splendor

Little known outside the region, this small range of North Carolina mountains offers huge outdoor fun

Camping In The Florida Keys

Have you ever dreamed of camping on an exotic tropical island, where soft sea waves gently wash up on a white sand beach, near a gay resort? Well you can at Long Key State Park in the Florida Keys. From underneath tall tropical palm trees, you can watch a glorious sunrise from the front of your campsite and a spectacular sunset from the back. When a full moon rises, it lights a path to an inky sky crammed full of bright stars. Just such an island, where millionaires and celebrities once spent their time fishing, is available today to campers, at a bargain!

Fifty-Nine Gays and Lesbians Camp In Yellowstone

From August 16 to August 23, thirty members from Boston's Chiltern Mountain Club joined twenty nine from Los Angeles' Great Outdoors Club to spend a week in Yellowstone National Park. It was an historic week of celebrations, camaraderie and fun.

First World GayOutdoors Gathering Was Amazing

The first ever World GayOutdoors Gathering was recently held at Barton Cove Campground in Gill, MA from 7/25-727 where most of us went on floaty-things on fast water. It was a weekend of high adventure, lap dancing, partying to the wee hours of the morning and being jailed at Northfield Mountain for trespassing. Am I exaggerating? Me? Read on...

Web Resources To Find Gay Campgrounds

If you like to camp, then you have no doubt come across the problem of finding out where the gay campgrounds are. You probably have all the gear and would really enjoy camping with other gay men and women. Whether it's beside the ocean, in a secluded valley, near a river or in the mountains, knowing where to go can be difficult.

Getting Started in Fly Fishing

You have decided you want to learn to wave that wand with the glowing line, with a fly dancing this way and that at its end, that you want to stand knee-deep in a cold, clear creek and try to mesmerize a trout into taking your offering. You want to learn how to flyfish. So what's next?

Advice To Cooks

The world's most famous field editor serves up his experiences as camp chef.

At Russian River, Gay Campers Find They Are Not Alone

THIS is the sixth summer that Joe Selph and Marty Bracciotti have gone camping together. Over the years they have made the rounds of the traditional spots - the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Bryce Canyon - pitching a tent, cooking outdoors, hiking mountain trails. But the two men have decided that Fife's, a 15-acre camping resort in the lower Russian River Valley, a 90-minute drive north of San Francisco, is probably more their kind of place.

Planning a Camping Menu

What's for dinner? As an outbound backpacker, your answer to that important question was made days, maybe weeks in advance. When you finally make camp after a full day of vigorous exercise, you're going to want to be happy with the decision you made. You want food that will nourish you, strengthen you, revitalize you and taste really good.

Alt Camping for Men

Alt Camping is a social club and camping group for men based in the greater Metro Detroit area. As a social club, they have an informal organization with events, parties, and activities in addition to weekend camping trips. Some events include white water rafting, canoe trips, fireworks, picnics, day hikes, plays, movies, and other social activities that interest their members.

Great Outdoors - Los Angeles

Great Outdoors is a not-for-profit, all-volunteer gay and lesbian organization dedicated to the enjoyment of outdoor recreation.

Selecting Gear: What's The Right Amount?

How much gear do you need for a safe and satisfying experience in the wilderness? It's a question that yields no easy, one-size-fits-all answer. Your decisions will depend on:

  • Your level of outdoor experience.
  • Your style of backcountry travel (Do you like low-key strolls? Or high-risk expeditions?).
  • Your long-term ambitions.
  • Your personal comfort level.
Some basic guidelines, though, can be applied to nearly everyone. Here are some suggestions. 

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If you find it invigorating to hike along a mountain trail with friends not knowing what’s just around the corner, to get some fresh air, to stop and soak in the views on a summit, and to soak your feet in a mountain brook after a hike, give us a try!


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