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Warm Springs Mountain Hikes (Bald Knob & Ingalls Overlook Trails)

Six guys from GO (plus Heidi the dog) joined a group of about ten other folks from the Nature Conservancy for a hike up Warm Springs Mountain to the Bald Ridge lookout tower in Virginia. After the Bald Ridge hike, five of us continued over to try the short Ingalls Overlook trail where the leaves were in prime color.  Due to the mild weather and clear air, views were excellent in all directions.

Death March For Cuties

After climbing 3 four thousand footers traversing the spectacular Southern Presidentials in fabulous weather, Mark remarked "this was a death march for cuties." I can't remember the last time I saw so many hot looking guys in one trip!

Mt. Stinson Hike

It was a beautiful day, sunny and coolish in the 40’s. When you’re moving its warmer so wearing a light layer such as a fleece vest over a polypro shirt is more than toasty! There were eleven of us on this trip.

Chiltern Trails Day

On October 21, Boston’s Chiltern Mountain Club and GayOutdoors teamed up to perform trail maintenance on Welsh & Dickey Mountains in Waterville Valley, NH. Chiltern has been the official adopters of this trail for over 10 years. Ernie M. ran the trip with the assistance of Mike Boisvert, GayOutdoors Director. Trip participants Jon N., Jim M., Tim B., Cecil M., Steve L., Rick M. Josiah R. Will, Liz R, Kim T., John J., Nat S. (from Curious George Cottage) and Chuck C.

Red Ridge Hike on Moat Mountain

On a near perfect autumn day three old friends, Charley, Brian, and John, and by old I mean they’ve known each other for a long time, and a new friend, also named John, began their day in the parking lot of the Baths. No, not those kinds of baths, Diana’s Baths, a series of scenic cascades where Lucy Brook runs over ledges and through large potholes. 


Huddled together in this rustic cold, dark cabin, our hearts flamed fiercely. We we're warm

Going Below The Surface

It's been a rule in the backcountry for decades: Unfiltered water is unsafe. Now, research of remote Sierra sites shifts the blame for illnesses.

Paw Paw Tunnel Hike

Ten of Washington's Adventuring Club members, mostly Paw Paw Virgins, participated in this year's visit to the Paw Paw Tunnel.

Dry Southwest, Uncertain Summer

The Southwest is experiencing one of the worst droughts on record, and outdoor enthusiasts are unhappy about the likely possibility of restricted access to the wilderness.

The Ascent of Mount Williamson

A number of guys expressed interest but in the end it was just us three hardy souls that tackled one of the toughest mountains in California. David Frederick, his son and I achieved the summit of the 14,375 foot Mount Williamson on July 12, 2006.

Mt. Washington Alpine Garden Hike

What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning! We are seeing sunshine with temperatures in the 70s! Thirteen of us met at the base of the Mt. Washington Auto Road to carpool up to the summit. The drive up the auto road is always exciting. The views take our breath away as we drove higher. It was motorcycle weekend in New Hampshire and the summit was jammed with bikes and men in leather.

Adventure Racing 101

Now that thousands of regular folks compete in adventure races each year, the once exclusive sport may finally be graduating from the made-for-TV controversies of the Eco-Challenge and the unshaven, cigarette-dangling image of the Raid Gauloises.

Wachusett Mountain Hike

Princeton, MA (4-2-06) Today was a beautiful spring day and I took advantage of it by hiking on Mt. Wachusett with fellow GayOutdoors members Rick, Carlos, Russ, Dave, Jim and Markus. 

Mount Cube Hike

The steepness of the South Cube Trail and the cold weather failed to keep 6 GayOutdoors enthusiasts away from the quartzite-frosted summit.

Build a Better Body by Hiking

Add outdoor fitness to your workout routine and the rest of your exercise will seem, well, routine—especially if you swap in hiking. It's one of the easiest and least expensive of all outdoor recreation activities, and it's got one of the most impressive calorie burn rates. The average male burns 595 calories in one hour when hiking. Add a 20-pound backpack, and you'll strengthen and tones your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, core muscles, and upper back.

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