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Na Pali Coast: A walk on Kauai's wild side

Straining against the weight of our backpacks, our legs buckling from the grueling hill now behind us, my hiking buddy and I looked up and suddenly felt as if we'd stumbled into a scene from "Lord of the Flies."

The Smogy Mountains?

It is a beautiful thing to be an outdoor enthusiast in the United States. Or perhaps not. The Smoky Mountains should be renamed the Smogy Mountains!

Wilderness Trip Leading Workshop In White Mountains

What a great weekend we had hiking the Cone and Welsh –Dickey mountains; and learning all aspects of trip leading from trip selection, to packing, to route finding on blazeless and trailless terrain in bad weather, emergency prevention and responding rapidly to a crisis.

Desert Hazards

The 2 most important considerations in the desert are water and shade.

Resoling Your Vibram-Soled Boots

If you've got a Vibram-soled boot in need of repair/resoling, contact REI Repair Service (toll-free in the US) at 1-888-873-1938, or contact one of these authorized independent cobblers:

Restoring Water-Repellency To Your Waterproof/Breathable Outwear

To maximize water-resistance and breathability, most waterproof/breathable outerwear layers come with DWR (durable water repellent) treatments on their outer surfaces. These DWR finishes cause water to bead up and roll off the garment, which keeps the fabric surface clear so that sweat and body heat can pass through from the inside. DWR treatments also keep fabric surfaces drier, which keeps outerwear layers lighter and warmer (less evaporative heat loss).

Caring For Your Hiking Boots

All hiking boots, especially leather ones, benefit from frequent cleaning and occasional conditioning with special boot treatments. These treatments condition leather and provide additional water protection to keep your feet dry.

Action Guides to Acadia, Great Smoky Mountains and Yosemite National Parks

Acadia, Great Smoky Mountains and Yosemite National Parks still have room for adventure --- you just have to know where to find it. You have just a week to spend in one of the great U.S. parks—don’t spend it in line. Follow our high-energy five-day itineraries to the best trails, coolest canyons, greatest views, and wildest backcountry in these popular national parks.

New Mexico Outdoors

New Mexico Outdoors (NMO) is a gay and lesbian social club dedicated to the appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors. Any gay or lesbian is welcome to participate in any of the NMO events. There is no application required for the club and there are no membership fees.

Water: Treating Water

A real problem with water is deciding whether what you find is safe to drink.

Hydration Systems Care and Repair

Unless you're researching mold growth or odors caused by unchecked microbe production, you'll want to clean your hydration system regularly. Here are a few simple tips.

How to React if You Become Lost

Ever feel lost in the wilderness? Here's a true story of how NOT to respond:

Breaking in Your Hiking Boots

The key to breaking in new hiking boots is to take things slowly. Remember -- your feet aren't as tough as your new boots, so if you rush things, your feet are likely to pay the price.

Selecting Gear: What's The Right Amount?

How much gear do you need for a safe and satisfying experience in the wilderness? It's a question that yields no easy, one-size-fits-all answer. Your decisions will depend on:

  • Your level of outdoor experience.
  • Your style of backcountry travel (Do you like low-key strolls? Or high-risk expeditions?).
  • Your long-term ambitions.
  • Your personal comfort level.
Some basic guidelines, though, can be applied to nearly everyone. Here are some suggestions. 


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