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GetFit Hike #3: Stinson Mountain

Hiking/Walk DATE: 05/21/2011 - 05/21/2011

Trip/Event Location: Rumney, NH

Trip Leader(s): Gandalf , JDNnh

Max # People: 15

Trip Guiding / Event Fee: No, I will not be asking participants for money

Difficulty Level: Moderate

This series is ideal for those of you who have been inactive this winter or want to get in shape to hike this summer.

If you're looking for a moderate mountain-climbing hike, then this hike

Driving directions to the location and spot to meet at:

From I-93, get off on Exit 26. Take NH 25 past shopping center. Stay right on the traffic circle and head toward Rumney. Past the first flashing light and take a right on the second flashing light (Stinson Lake Road). Go through the town of Rumney and continue to the foot of Stinson Lake for 5.1 miles. Bear right near the outlet of the lake onto Cross Road and continue uphill 0.8 miles.. Take another right on Doe Town Road where a sign points to Stinson Mountain. Go down the road 0.3 mile and the Stinson Mountain Trail will be on your left. We'll be driving a blue FJ cruiser.

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We wanted to take it easy today for our third GetFit hike, and as hill climbing goes, it doesn't get much easier. There is basically a road up the first half of the climb, then a trail breaks off to the right. This is a little more difficult, but because of many switchbacks the grade is never steep.

On the lower part of the climb there was much evidence of spring along the trail. There were Red Trillium popping up everywhere, though the flowers had yet to open. Also, the Trout Lily and Sessile-leaved Bellwort all had their heads up, though they hadn't flowered yet, either.

Beside the brook the Indian Poke has started to spring up along its banks. The day was warm and the black flies are beginning to be a problem. 

It was cloudy above us and then halfway up we heard a crack of thunder followed by rain. We joked that 'the rapture' had arrived early. Umbrellas and rain gear came out. After a few minutes the rain began to stop. We reached the summit enclosed in fog however as we ate lunch the curtain lifted so we could make out some of the landscape around us. We had the summit to ourselves to listen to the birds and enjoy a spring day.

We spent about a half hour taking in the views. It is a shame that the fire towers have been removed from so many of these hills as the view from the tower that once stood here must have been magnificent. If only there was an observation deck just high enough to see over the trees, what a spot this would be. Of course, then it would be crowded and the experience would suffer. The only summit I think we could clearly see was Mt. Cardigan since there was a lot of swirling clouds in the atmosphere.

Before we headed down we took a spur trail just below the summit for the western view. Today we were limited to Stinson Lake. 

We descended using the snowmobile trail. Halfway down it began to rain and did not let up for the rest of our trek. These short hikes aren't enough to wear out most people, so they are ideal for the GetFit series. Later back at my house, Jon and I watched a wonderful rainbow dashing across the sky that became a DOUBLE rainbow. The perfect way to end a day in mid May.

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