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Tuckerman Ravine Hike and Sled

Hiking/Walk DATE: 02/07/2015 - 02/07/2015

Trip/Event Location: Gorham, NH

Trip Leader(s): Gandalf , JDNnh

Max # People: 15

Trip Guiding / Event Fee: No, I will not be asking participants for money

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Strenuous

Magical climb to Tuckerman's Snow Arch and then sledding down Shelburne Ski Trail! We will start from Pinkham Notch and hike up the wide tractor path called Tuckerman's Ravine Trail. After two

Driving directions to the location and spot to meet at:

The AMC's Pinkham Notch Visitor Center is west off NH 16, about 11 miles north of the junction of NH 16 and US 302 in Glen and about 10.5 miles south of the junction of NH 16 and US 2 in Gorham. Turn in and park in the long parking strip. We'll meet you on the porch of the Visitor Center and Mike will be wearing his Patriots hat.

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Sledding! Yet another sport to add to the list making GayOutdoors the place to be in winter!

We had our SledFest and it was a blast. We hiked up 2.4 miles up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail from the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center with a brief stop to the Hermit Lake Shelter. We were granted a sunny start but as we climbed higher it became cold, cloudy and windy. We decided not to continue to the bowl due to poor visibility and very cold conditions.

The Sherburne trail (sledding!) starts here. The Sherburne trail is 2.5 mile ski/sled trail. It is very wide (20-30 ft), and is below tree line. Sherburne has a grade all the way to the bottom so we could sled all the way down! It's got a good mix of straight-aways, turns, downhills into snowbanks and little jumps. The round-trip time was 4 hours with breaks. We took our time heading down. I think next year we might walk back up and repeat good sections. We saw about 3 skiers and riders the whole time we were sledding down.

The snow conditions were ideal for sledding – we had a great time.

Most of our sleds were similar but Jon’s was too small for him. Tim’s sled seemed to be the fastest I think because it was new and had some sort of bump under the front to keep it from digging into the snow…it also seemed more aerodynamic. The brand name was “Torpedo.” Jon’s sled ended up shattering near the end and we have good video of it.

Unbelievably great fun! This was one of the best winter trips I've been on. SUCH A BLAST!!! I would totally recommend it again. Definitely worth becoming a tradition.

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Outdoor Fitness Level: Very Strenuous

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Outdoor Fitness Level: Very Strenuous

Thornton, NH

United States

Outdoor Fitness Level: Moderate to Strenuous

Gilmanton IW, NH

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Outdoor Fitness Level: Moderate to Strenuous

Gilmanton IW, NH

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