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Flags of the 48:Mt Tecumseh

Hiking/Walk DATE: 09/11/2010 - 09/11/2010

Trip/Event Location: Waterville Valley , NH

Trip Leader(s): HikerBiker

Max # People: 15

Trip Guiding / Event Fee: Yes, but I'm not running this; I'm looking for other members to join me

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Trailhead: There is only one major trail that accesses the summit, the aptly named Mt Tecumseh trail. It traverses the mountain from the ski area base to Tripoli Road. From the base of the ski area it

Driving directions to the location and spot to meet at:

Trailhead Parking: Take NH Rt 49 from I-93 and follow the signs to the Waterville Valley ski area. The trailhead is located near the top of Lot #1.

Lodging Option: Mike and Jon were nice enough to offer their home for the weekend. There are 8 bunks available with linen for both Friday and Saturday night at their house in Waterville Valley for $20 each night. There are also tent platforms available. You can use the kitchen facilities and store beverages/food in the fridge.  Contact me or Carlos to RSVP. SPACE IS LIMITED TO EIGHT GUYS.

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The Event

Flags On The 48 is an annual event where hikers raise a U.S. flag on each of the forty-eight mountain peaks above 4000 feet in New Hampshire as an act of remembrance and a demonstration of patriotism in response to the September 11th attacks on our country.  Gay Outdoors has been participating in this event for many years.  This year we hiked Mount Tecumseh (4003 feet).  Visit for more information.

Our Hike

Thirteen of us met at the Waterville Valley Ski area and geared up for the hike.  We had a brief introduction then headed up the Mt. Tecumseh trail at about 9:45.

 The trail was moderate with a very steady grade the entire way to the summit except for a short ridgeline walk near the top.  Along the way one member turned back finding the hike a little too challenging and another member who was late for the start was able to catch up.  Two members carried the supplies for the flag raising and several others took turns carrying the flagpole up the trail.

 We reached the summit about 11:50.  It was rather small with a few views and was somewhat busy with about eight other hikers besides us.  We settled in and began working on erecting a flagpole.  Unfortunately the pole we hiked up with took a wrong turn at a junction and did not make it to the summit in time.  An alternate pole was made using a dead tree trunk which was about fifteen feet tall.  The pole was tied up to a scrub pine so the U.S. flag can fly unobstructed above the highest point of the mountain.  In addition we connected a rainbow flag to fly beneath the Stars and Stripes.

As we manned the summit for the two hour flag-flying period we ate our lunches, socialized with ourselves and many other hikers, and tried spotting flags on the other 4000 footers.  Well over twenty other hikers visited Mount Tecumseh during the flag raising.  Some were not aware of The Flags on the 48 event and some came eager to see a flag flying.  We also had a group of lesbians come by who were very social.  Our group and the lesbians traded jokes and sly remarks in good humor for a while.  They were also very keen at identifying our group leader’s orientation just from his conversation.

 When 2:00 passed we packed up than began our decent.  We took the Sosman Trail which lead us to the top of the downhill ski trails.  From there we hiked various ski trails down with continuous scenic views of the southern White Mountains.  Some of the trails were so steep with slick grass that nearly all of us slipped on at least once.

After the Hike

Most of us met back at Mike's house which he graciously offered for us to use for the weekend.  There we met up with other GO members who did another trip and had pizza.  The evening consisted of a relaxing campfire and casual conversation. 


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  • Thank you Rick and GO for hosting this very special hike. It was great to meet new friends, too. WHAT A DAY! - WalkaboutBrian

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