Top Ten Trips in 2014

We are a four season group and each year we keep getting bigger and more successful with over 6,600 members from all fifty US States, Canada, and more than twenty foreign countries. Let's look a the past year...GayOutdoors members planned some great trips last year. Using the number of page views from last year's events, we've got a top 10 countdown of the 2014 moments that got us extra excited...

 10. Tecopa Hot Spring and Death Valley Weekend


Tecopa has the 2nd best known world-wide mineral hot springs on earth, after Baden-Baden, Germany. Members agreed, the waters were GREAT! So if you think we are just a hiking club...think again. Click Here For Trip Report

 9. North and South Kinsman Hike

It was an "out of this world" hike! The day had great energy from start to finish. The soothing sounds and sights of water greeted GOers and hardly left them all day. A trail that made GOers work and yet with every turn had a fresh and remarkable landscape. Click Here For Pictures and Trip Report.

8. Dryad and Giant Falls Loop Hike

When you end up encountering unexpected persistent stretches of snow with areas of post-holing up to your knees, a whole level of bonding happens! Another brilliant hike consisting of logging trails, babbling brooks, mountainous views, giant waterfalls, and inclement weather. A superb team effort for a hike that kept GOers heads and hands in Spring....but our feet and legs in Winter. Click Here For Pictures and Trip Report. 

7. Manchester Spring Social

The Breezeway Pub hosted this event and put together some delicious hot and cold snacks. It was a wonderful social and it was great to meet some new guys as well as catch up with many outdoorsy friends.   It is always great kicking off the summer season hanging with the guys. Click Here for Pictures.

6. Fourth of July at GO Center


Rain didn't dampen our spirits as we postponed our get together until it was time for our potluck BBQ and as always, GO members DELIVERED!!! You should have seen all the food! We still drove and watched the fireworks at Waterville Valley in the rain...northern NH has hardy people and rain does not postpone fireworks like city folks do...LOL. The next day we had a great hike to Webster Slide followed by a swim at a nearby remote pond. It was a great event to reconnect with all of our GO friends whom we've known for many years! Click Here For Trip Report and Pictures

5. Winter Baxter State Park Weekend

Baxter State Park is one the most beautiful parks in America...but in winter...it takes on a greater meaning. On this magical trip, 4 GOers hiked in to Daicey Pond to spend two nights in a woodstove heated cabin with amazing views of Mt. Katahdin. While they did not make the summit of Mt. Katahdin it was an awesome adventure into the wilderness of Maine and the winter beauty of Baxter State Park! It was a memorable experience that they will remember for a very long time. Steve wrote up an excellent trip report and members shared some gorgeous pictures. Click Here For Trip Report and Pictures.

4. Spring Into Summer Hike 2: Mt. Kearsage North

The Spring Into Summer series is a popular program. It helps members who have been hibernating over winter to get back into hiking with progressively harder hikes. This was probably the most popular of the hikes, up North Kearsage to its firetower that provides one of the finest views of the White Mountains. It was a nice day to get some fresh air and sun even with a passing shower. Seeing a black bear cross the road was memorable part of the day. Click Here For Trip Report and Pictures

3. East Mountain Hike

How cool is a hike to an abandoned air force base? Halfway up the mountain, members explored vacant structures...mess hall, barracks and utility buildings. On the summit, they saw four radar towers and other buildings in various degrees of decay. They went up one of the towers that provided wonderful views, not only of the base, but also into the surrounding wilderness and mountains.  After playing and exploring members enjoyed their lunches while soaking in the sun!  Not only that, they enjoyed a champagne toast to cheer Steve's 50th birthday!  Click Here For Trip Report and Pictures.

2. Boot Spur/Tuckerman Ravine Hike

Rime ice - an opaque coating of tiny white granular ice particles, caused by rapid freezing of super cooled water droplets on impact w/an object. AKA - frost feathers. A spectacular hike with a great group! It was an experience of a lifetime for the members who attended. Click Here For Trip Report and Pictures.

1. NH GO Gathering

The location of the NH GO Gathering in Waterville Valley has a lot of our favorite things. Boasting world-class mountain sports, legendary above treeline trekking, and stunning views, Waterville Valley is the gateway to the White Mountain National Forest hiking/camping scene. But no one does an outdoor potluck BBQ like we do with food prepared on outdoor stoves that rivals any indoor potluck you've ever attended. Everyone loved our site along the Pemigewasset River for swimming, sunning and kayaking! Then, when the sun goes down, everyone hangs around the roaring campfire sharing stories and laughter. Oh, did we mention the fireworks? Click Here For Trip Report and Pictures. This year it will held from August 21st to the 23rd and it has just been posted so sign up today!

As you can see, we had some great trips last year and we're looking forward to see you in the year ahead... here's hoping you can come with us! Visit all our trip reports and photo galleries stretching back to 2001!

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