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kaaterskill high peak - catskill 3500


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i did this hike solo even though the last section to the summit is unmarked. reports said the herd path is easy to find so i figured i'd give it a go. the trail starts with an easy walk along the long path trail. the first section is a service road of some sort, so not so pretty, but it soon branches off on a "real" trail through some beautiful woods. you are essentially walking up a stream bed almost the entire way, so very muddy, wet, and rocky. a short connector takes you to a snowmobile trail that circles the mountain. your only on this for short bit when you turn off to the bushwhack up to the summit. this is where the fun begin. 

this mountain is steeep -- 45 degrees in some sections -- and you're climbing through intense rock cliffs. there was still snow on the ground and some icy sections. i was following an all trails map and doing pretty well most of the way. at one point about midway up an especially technical section of cliff, the climb ahead seemed so difficult i was certain i had taken a wrong turn and climbed backed down. after exploring left and right i determined that yes, that was the trail and made my way up. 

when i finally neared the summit the mountain leveled off and meandered through a beautiful balsam forest. a short hop to the left was a great view point. the actual summit was a clearing in the trees with a small rock cairn. i singed in on the 3500 club register -- inside an orange cannister hidden under some snowy evergreen boughs. i changed into dry clothes, and proceeded down about .25 miles to hurricane ledge for another awesome view, then retraced my steps back to the car.

how lucky am i?





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Gandalf Posted Apr 20, 2021 at 4:58 PM

Beautiful pics!

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