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My mind was still going crazy, so had to do another 5.7 mile hike at O'Brien. I must say, I wasn't expecting how awesome this place was.

Yes, it was pretty muddy due to the last snow fall and much of the ice still on the trails, however....what kid doesn't like to trek through mud and an awesome day outside?

I really didn't know which way I was going, but thankfully at each checkpoints, I was directed the correct way through the prairie and hills.

Yes....HILLS....These I wasn't expecting! lol Thankfully since I was working up a good pace, the cool breeze didn't bother me as it was a great welcome to cool down (I mean, this is Minnesota...right?!?!!)

Much of the back trails were pretty muddy, and if you don't want to get your feet dirty, don't go on this back trail until it warms up and dries off A LOT.

Didn't run into too many people, however, the ones I did see, all kept a safe distance apart, and we all greeted each other with a smile and nod.

I know we (here in the Hiking Club) understand the "Leave No Trace Behind" rule, however, there are some folks out there who don't understand this basic rule. Thankfully, I passed a couple of hikers who had their own trash bag and when I did catch up to them, they had quite the collection going, and by the end, they had a pretty full bag. So to those young hikers....THANK YOU for taking care of our great parks!!!

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