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Sandwich Dome via Algonquin Trail


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We really enjoy this trail!!!

We hiked up Sandwich Dome [3,950 feet] using Algonquin trail yesterday in sunny and fall-like temperatures in the 70s. This is the mountain we look at each day from our house!

The hike was 9 miles roundtrip with 2,700 feet elevation gain. Almost the entire trail is in the Sandwich Range Wilderness. The yellow blazes are faded but the trail is very easy to follow. The two scrambles were challenging but there were plenty of rock/root footholds so there was always something to grab onto. Very satisfying to successfully scramble up!

As we attacked the west end of the ridge the trail began to provide extensive views from its many open ledges. The humidity was so low we could make out peaks in southern New Hampshire and possible as far as northern Massachusetts!

When we reached the Black Pond trail junction we found ourselves on the southwest shoulder, sometimes called Black Mountain. Soon after this trail junction we came took a break at the spectacular viewpoint. We took a break there again on the way back as well. We gazed out at Black Pond just below the viewpoint, Squam Lake, Lake Winnipesauke, Ossipee Range and more!

There is a long ridge walk afterward to reach the summit with limited partial views, but we had that cool feeling of the land falling away to valleys on either side of us. Parts of the woods are a very pretty blend of ferns, lichen, hobblebush, brush, and towering hardwoods and softwoods. Ideal for this sunny day, we like how the trail weaves thru these areas, sometimes tough and other times easy, all lending to the enchantment. Jon had fun capturing the beauty of this ridge walk in pictures!

We had the summit of Sandwich Dome all to ourselves and ate lunch there. Thirty-five 4,000 footers can be seen from this peak!

Jon and I have been climbing up Sandwich Dome this time of year using the Algonquin trail three years in a row and looking forward to doing it again next year! We highly recommend this approach!!!

Alas, this was our last hike for our vacation and we'll have to return back to our jobs this week. Jon and I always look forward to our vacation because it's the one time during the year we spend the most time together. We have no problem tolerating each other [haha] and already look forward to spending more time together in future vacations as well as our retirement. I already miss you bro!


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Lev Posted Sep 7, 2020 at 8:30 PM

Sounds like a great hike. Good for you guys!

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