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We wanted to hike local with COVID-19 spreading fast so we chose Plymouth Mountain [2,187 ft.], which you can see from I-93.  We also figured the trail would be not be crowded since it was a somewhat popular “locals” hike.   We were right on all accounts, and this hike turned out to be a hit.  All we needed was MicroSpikes.

Plymouth Mountain is located in Plymouth, New Hampshire and is also the highest point in Plymouth.   The actual summit is wooded but nearby ledges and Pikes Peak offer views to the north and east.  An elevation gain of 1500’ is pretty easy for those that like light hikes in the woods, and is a good one for beginners that gets the heart rate up with just a 3 hour commitment of time.

We headed up the Fauver Link Trail from the parking area off of Old Hebron Road. The trail crosses an old logging road at about 0.4 miles in. And then we continued on the Sutherland Trail.

It was really easy hiking through nice woods. After two miles we took the side trail to the ledge know as Pike’s Peak with marvelous 180-degree views! The vistas are very far away …40 miles or so, as the crow flies.  It's a wonderful "in-person" experience to see so many of the high peaks in the White Mountains from one spot.  

We then continued another half mile to the summit sign of Plymouth Mountain. We had lunch nearby. [We should have continued past the summit sign to the "Newfound View" with a gorgeous southern facing ledge just five minutes away.  From Newfound Ledge, you could see the Uncanoonuc Mountains by Manchester, Ragged Mountain Ski Area, Newfound Lake, Mt Kearsarge and nearby Mt Cardigan.]

We then headed back down. The woods again are super nice so it was an enjoyable and quick descent back out to the truck.

Overall, an enjoyable 5 mile meander.  Nice woods, trail was easy to follow and really decent views from Pikes Peak and the summit. Add in an overcast but warm day at 50 degrees and it turned out to be the perfect hike under the pandemic!

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