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With spring having arrived, North Twin was on the agenda Saturday. We used spikes for the entire hike.

Parked at the Seven Dwarves Inn, left a $10 donation in an envelope on my windshield and took the North Twin Trail. The snow bridge at the third crossing of Little River is melting fast. We found a snow bridge above the normal crossing and we suspect it will be gone by this week.

The trail was hard packed and there was nothing to dig your feet into so it made the steep sections more difficult that it had to. We wished we had brought trekking poles. From the footprints we noticed two people ahead of us whom we never met because they were probably heading over to South Twin. We enjoyed the wide view on the magnificent outlook ledged and decided to have lunch here.

We were not very far to the summit of North Twin from the ledge and decided to just drop our packs. This short section was also hard packed as well and we took in the views along the way. We particularly enjoyed the snow frosted trees! We checked out the views on the open ledge overlook, just below the summit, with fine views. We crossed paths with one solo hiker on the descent.

Excellent day in the White Mountains with Jon!


JDNnh Posted Mar 22, 2020 at 8:54 PM

A magnificent time spent with my bro in the mountain we love. It was a tough ascent, steep and unrelenting but the lore of 160 mile plus summit views was all the incentive I needed. Adrenaline rushed through me when we got above treeline to make this day unforgettable! The cold air invigorating and comforting rushing through my lungs - totally connected to mother earth with her beauty and absolute splendor as far as the eye could see!

sedonahikerman Posted Mar 22, 2020 at 5:54 PM

Very nice photos.

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