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Past peak leaf peeping-North Maine Woods


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This wasn't exactly the best day to go leaf peeping, but my next day off is not until Friday, Oct. 22, and most of the leaves will be gone by then. :(

This was a road trip, not a hiking trip.  I had planned a short hike during this trip, but with the weather I decided to skip it.

Even though the leaves are past peak, and it was a cloudy and showery trip, I still got some good pics.  There are still leaves to be found, but not for long.  :(  One spot was part way up the side of the mountain in the clouds.  I got a pic of some trees in the fog with no leaves on them.....  Kind of a spooky Halloween look.  :)

It is hunting season, so people around, but still fairly quiet. 

I drove a total of 156 miles on this trip, with 80 miles of that on woods roads.  Fairly short compared to some of my trips. 

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