Backpacking the Superstitions


DATE: Mar 18, 2023
END DATE: Mar 19, 2023

Hike/Event Location: Phoenix AZ

Trip Leader(s)

Phoenix, AZ United States

Meeting Time: 8:00 AM

Max # People: 6

Hike Guiding / Event Fee: No, I will not be asking participants for money

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The Superstition Wilderness was made for spring, when its springs and creeks awaken and wildflowers riot against a backdrop of dramatic red cliffs.

Depending on water availability, we’ll improvise a loop that takes in the highlights of the central Superstitions, including Weavers Needle and Miners Needle.

This will be a strenuous one-night backpack, covering over 20 miles at a purposeful pace over very rugged terrain, so this trip is suitable only for hikers in very good condition, though well-equipped beginner backpackers are welcome! We’ll cheerfully face the prospect of muddy trails, high water crossings and thorny vegetation, as well as rattlesnakes and gila monsters fresh from hibernation.

This trip is dependent upon a favorable weather forecast. A National Weather Service forecast of rain within 72 hours of our start will cancel or re-route this trip at the discretion of the leader, as will fewer than three confirmed signups as of 8:00pm, Wednesday, March 15. This trip will be by individual commissary, and we’re not planning any shared meals, so please plan to provide your own supply of food.

Directions To Trailhead Parking Lot

We’ll meet up at the sign-in book at the Peralta Trailhead at the end of Peralta Road in Gold Canyon at 8:00am (SHARP!) on Saturday morning.

Trip Leader


Outdoor Fitness Level: Strenuous

Phoenix, AZ

United States
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