Tuckermans Ravine Lunch Rocks Party

DATE: May 27, 2019
END DATE: May 27, 2019

Trip/Event Location: Jackson NH

Trip Leader(s)

Campton, NH United States

Meeting Time: 10:00 AM

Max # People: 15

Trip Guiding / Event Fee: No, I will not be asking participants for money

Difficulty Level:

Moderate to Strenuous

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Region: New England

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We'll be hiking into Tuckerman's to watch those crazy skiers/riders do suicidal runs down the face of the Ravine!

Join us for a challenging hike to Tuckerman's Ravine. Just hike or you can bring a sled or skis (if you are really good and have the ability to ski narrow black diamond trails). We'll park ourselves at Lunch Rocks midway into the Ravine to party and watch the skiers/riders do their thing!

We'll watch skiing and sledding on the steep slopes once inside the bowl. This is 3 miles in, then eat lunch, relax and 3 miles out. Look closely at the photos to see the tiny skiers. Watch them climb the headwall and ski down!

The hike is routine up the very wide Tuckerman's Ravine Trail. We'll go beyond Hermit Lake Shelter on up to the Lunch Rocks where we can get the best views of skiers/riders to enjoy some entertaining action. We plan on spending a leisurely lunch of one hour in the bowl. 

The Tuckerman Ravine Trail starts behind the AMC Visitor Center in Pinkham Notch.
Distance: 2.4 mi. to Hermit Lake; additional 0.7 mi. to Lunch Rocks)
Distance roundtrip: 6.2 miles
Elevation Gain: 2500 ft.
Estimated time: 6 Hours

We'll meet at the AMC Visitor Center on the porch [I'll be wearing a Patriots hat] at the base of the mountain and proceed to the Ravine. Give yourself extra time because you'll have to park far away and walk a good distance to meet us at 10AM. Get there at 9:30AM to find parking and walk to the porch. If you get there too early, the inside of the Center is fun to explore with its large 3D map of the White Mountains and lots of outdoorzy books. 

You will need to bring (nothing cotton):

- Hiking boots

- Sunglasses, sun screen

- Dress in layers

- Sitting pad, Beer/Wine, Binoculars, Lunch, snacks and at least 1.5 liters water

- [Optional] Sled or Ski equipment. You must find a way to attach your sled or skis to your backpack...bungie cords help.

- Anything else you bring for a day hike.

After The Hike: We'll have an early dinner at the Red Fox Grill in Jackson, NH.      


Rte. 93 to Exit 23, Rte. 104 to Rte. 3 into Meredith, Rte. 25 to Rte. 16, North to trailhead.

Tuckerman Ravine Trail starts at the AMC Pinkham Notch Visitor Center. The Visitor Center is located on Rt. 16, about 20 miles north of Conway and 11 miles south of Gorham.

We'll meet you at the porch. I'll be wearing a Patriots Hat. 

Trip Leader


Outdoor Fitness Level: Very Strenuous

Campton, NH

United States
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rocketmandan Posted Apr 23, 2019 at 7:17 AM

Rocketmandan picked up a cold this past Saturday and is still feeling the aftermath. I am hoping it will be gone by Friday, but if not I will pul out. I wanted to let Mike know soon because I was planning the stay at his place and did not want him to buy food from for me. I'll give updates as I know more.

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