Lonesome Lake Hike Trip Report

By Mike Boisvert.

It was a perfect day for a low elevation hike to a backcountry pond, Lonesome Lake, that start’s from New Hampshire’s Franconia Notch on May 10. It’s a great location to snap photos of the Franconia Ridge and to introduce new guys to the wonders of New Hampshire’s White Mountains.
Under sunny skies Dave, Steve, Rick, Chris, Don, Steve B., Woody and myself set out from Lafayette Place Campground. The trip up was uneventful and somewhat slick due to the snow further up.

The trail has steepness to it so we welcomed the switchbacks lifting us upward. We got to the lake and I went wild taking photos especially of Franconia Ridge.

We stopped at the hut for a bit and it was noisy with all the children who were there spending the night. We chatted a bit inside the hut and then headed out on the Around the Lake Trail, where I got....yes....even more shots of Franconia Ridge.

We finished the hike around 4:00...with all of us falling thru the snow up to our crotch at least once. Some may not consider Lonesome Lake really a backcountry pond, but just look at the view!

As long as I don't hear the highway and planes flying overhead, I'm set.

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