Buck Hill Hike Trip Report

By Tom Delisle.

In late March, 24 souls looking to enjoy early spring, gathered for a hike at the Buck Hill Wildlife Management Area in Burrillville, RI.  The group consisted of members from GO, Chiltern, and PRIOG (Providence Rhode Island Outdoors Group).
The day was clear and cool with just the right amount of bite in the air.  Buck Hill is at the Northwest corner of Rhode Island connecting to the north with the Massachusetts Douglas State Forest. 

The area had numerous well cared for wood roads and trails wandering across the rugged landscape of forest, fields, and stone walls.  With Chris and Mark leading the way with their compasses, the group used their map skills to locate the border of Rhode Island and Connecticut. 

Following the trail along the border we found the tristate marker where AM, CT, and RI meet.  A photo was taken with everyone standing in the state they were from.  Luckily all were from the three states.

From the tri-state marker, the group continued along the MA, CT border until we came to the Southwest Trunk line Trail.  This abandoned railroad bed crosses southeastern MA and into CT where it is named the Airline Trail.

After heading east on the trail a few miles the group headed south on the Mid-State Trail through some interesting Cedar swamps.  Reaching the Rhode Island State line we hiked the RI North-South Trail down the east side of Wallum Lake. 

After reaching another woods road we made our way back to our origins with a stop on a dam constructed to create a large wetlands for ducks and other water fowl.  The group hiked about 10 miles in about 5 hours with no one lost. 

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