Mount Monadnock Full Moon Hike

By Mark Z. and Tom Chase.

Woody, Tom and I hiked up Monadnock the Saturday night after Thanksgiving. 

We chose this night for the full moon but due to overcast conditions, there was hardly any moon beyond a glow through the clouds.  But we hiked nonetheless. 

Starting out at 6:15, we went up the White Dot Trail from the Ranger Station. 

There was some ice on the trail, but we didn't need any crampons or stabilicers. 

It was a cold night but once we started hiking, we warmed up quickly. 

The Shoot was a little tricky on account of ice, but we all safely made it through. 

Soon we were at the top where we enjoyed some hot chocolate we had brought along. 

After a few minutes we headed back down the trail and enjoyed the fireworks that the town of Jaffrey had scheduled for our hike. 

We finished the hike around ten o'clock and bid each other good night. 

We would definitely like to do another Monadnock full moon hike with clear skies and maybe some snow some time.

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