Foss Peak Trip Report

By Mike Boisvert.

December 1st, 2007

Saturday morning it was about 2F degrees with windchill when we started up the Welch/Dickey trail at 11:30. The sun was trying to break thru some clouds, and we knew it was going to be windy up high, because we could see that those clouds were moving very quickly.

Our objective was to bushwhack to Foss Peak from Dickey Mt., using a herd path we heard about. I had been here about a month ago and lost the herd path once I reached the col between Dickey Mt. and Foss Peak.

There was hardly any vehicles in the parking lot and we saw two gals with a dog heading out towards Welch Mt.. We on the other hand, were headed up towards Dickey Mt.. 

Just before we reached the spectacular ledge on the Dickey Mt., we enjoyed all the massive icicles drooping off its edge. We did not see anyone until after we left the impressive rocky ledge below Dickey Mt.. We asked them to take our picture.

From here on up, we put on our Yak Tracks because of all the ice on the trail. At some points, we grabbed tree branches as we walked across the ice in case we started to slip. We reached the top of Dickey Mt., the views were spectacular! We could see everything!

We then left the main trail to reach Foss Peak, walking across bare ledge. It was extremely windy. Our faces were numb. We both had wool hats and wore neck gaiters. We then bushwhacked into the woods looking for the herd path. We found it and it was easy going from here. Before following the herd path, we had lunch including some hot chocolate. Our poor little hands were getting quite cold from this small lunch stop so we got moving again quickly.  

We reached the col between Dickey Mt. and Foss Peak, and looked for the other herd path to Foss Peak. We started bushwhacking again and made note of a cairn on a rock so we headed over. Indeed it was the herd path but it was getting late so we decided to turn around. The wind was picking up even more and we were getting cold. I would guess it was now 5 below zero with windchill!

As we headed back down, we saw nobody. We were able to enjoy the alpenglow from the Dickey Mt. ledge on the descent.

Even more spectacular was those icicles we encountered earlier---they now were golden.

We expected to be the only vehicle in the parking lot and sure enough, we were! 

At my house we got the fireplace going, grabbed a beer and took hot showers. It felt good to be near the fire!

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