Gay Camping Coming Out Story

By J.

I'm 27 6'1" 181. I live within a few miles of Front Royal, VA. I'm straight, when I'm with my girlfriend and like to play with guys when she's not around. Since she lives with me, that's not very often, until now.

Four years ago I was working for a catering company that was providing food service for a gay camping event on the Shenandoah River. This was the first time I had ever been exposed to a large group of gay people.

At first, I was a little freaked out, but it turned out that the only jerk was my co-worker, he was giving me shit about the guys hitting on me. I liked the attention I received from the gay campers.

It was cool, even though I had to put my shirt back on, the queer looks got to be a little too much after a while.

After we finished serving dinner, the gay campers offered the catering crew some beers while we were cleaning up. I met some real awesome guys and was having a good time,

I wanted to stick around, but I had to go because my co-worker was driving. He was giving me shit about sticking around.

He was joking about leaving me until the morning if I don't hurry up.

When I got home that evening I had a few more beers and could not help but think about having my cock sucked by a guy. Especially the dude with the Hurley T-shirt.

He was sooo kind and we connected. I had only been home an hour or so before my girlfriend started giving me shit about something I did or didn’t do.

She really pissed me off and I walked out I drove 40 miles back to the gay camp site.

When I arrived the guys thought I had come back for my shirt (I forgot that I had taken it back off and left it hanging on a tree) so I just went along with it, said yes, that’s why I returned. I walked to the river, where we were setup earlier, and found that my shirt was no longer hanging on the tree.

There were about 20 guys around the fire, and few of them were laughing, I knew that they knew where my shirt was. I felt really uncomfortable and started to leave.

While walking back to my truck this dude approached me and handed me a beer, he told me to chill and that the some guys had the “straight boys” shirt and were having fun with it after I had left. Nice beer dude told me that the guy with my shirt was at camp site #9, he told me to look for a guy with a Hurley T-Shirt (now I wanted my shirt back).

Site #9 was a good trek away from #10, I had never been there before. Dude told me it was only a couple hundred yards upstream and I would see the ledge waterfall and his group would be there.

When I got to camp #9, everyone was naked in the river, and Hurley-T dude was nowhere to be found. I was not ready to be skinny dippin “J” in the river, so I walked up the hill to the campfire.

I was offered a bong hit from a dude with a big beard so I took it. Mr. 420 told me that Hurley-T had passed out earlier and was in the last tent at the end of the path.

I wanted my shirt and Hurley-T was going to give it to me. Down the path to gaydom I went.

I realize that this posting is starting to sound like some kind of gay fantasy sex story but it actually is. Yes, I got my dick sucked by Hurley-T and fucked my 1st guy that night. It was hot as hell and I want more!

The reason that I’m posting this long ass story is because I have decided to sign-up as camper this year for this gay camping weekend and I’m looking for Hurley-T. You know who you are and you told me about CL.

I don’t remember your name (sorry dude) or have your email address, or phone #, nothing, and I’m hoping you’ll find this posting. The trip is in two weeks on July 13th. Where are u dude. Email me!!

Editor's Note: Back in July 2007, “J” quit the catering company and wanted to know how to get in touch with “the guy in the Hurley T-shirt”.  "J" told the gay camping group that he would be willing to go the gay camping event this year if Hurley-T was coming. 

Unfortunately, it has been 4 years since that wild weekend when someone did "J" and nobody in the gay camping group can remember the name of Hurley-T. "J" posted this story hoping that Hurley-T would contact him.

This story is still talked about today in their gay camping trips. They even use the same catering company and the folks in the catering company still talk about this story as well.

It’s probably why “J” quit his job. "J" has a new girlfriend today and because Hurley-T could not be found, he never went to this year's gay camping event. "J" is still with his girlfriend.  

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