Greeley Ponds Hike

By Mike Boisvert.

Tom Chase, Mark Laske, Chris Hewson, Don Arsenault, Rick McCurdy, Richard Corzo, Gary Wright, Jon Normand and I left the Livermore Road parking lot at about 11:30 am. There was about 8 inches of fresh powder on the ground.  So, off we shuffled up Livermore Road (which wasn't groomed for cross-country skiers.) The Tripyramids are unmistakable when we reached Depot Camp. 

3/10ths of a mile later we turned left onto the Greeley Ponds Trail. For the next mile or so, this is nearly flat, and follows the Mad River, crossing it twice. We could see the track of snowshoe hares on the side of the trail. 

After three miles or so following (and trying not to trample) ski tracks, the "Hiking Path" goes left, across a brook, while the ski trail continues onward and upward.  Another half mile or so and the lower pond comes into sight. Mount Kancamagus looks so different from below. I'm used to seeing it from atop Osceola or Tripyramid. The wind was blowing across the pond, and there were some fairly deep drifts at the south end.

Another half mile or so takes us to the upper pond where we found a sunny spot for lunch. 

We had reached the "top" of the elevation gain (all 700') for our planned hike.

When all was said and done, we managed 7.4 miles and 700 feet. It was nice to get out and enjoy the outdoors. In particular, the whole hiking-in-the-snow thing was quite pleasant. 

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