Random Acts of Napping

By Glen Ochoa.

Our backpack through the remote trails on the western San Gorgonio mountains was very peaceful and secluded.  We barely ran into anyone that weekend as we enjoyed the awesome and drammatic views along the San Bernardino peak ridgeline.

The distance to base-camp near Anderson Peak was fairly short as we got there a little after lunch.  We camped at one of our most amazing campsites ever, with multiple flat areas to set up tents, nice shade, and most of all a great kitchen view on a drammatic overlook, where we had magnificent views of Big Bear lake, Mt. Baldy, and the mountains to the north.  We certainly felt the altitude as we camped at almost 11,000 ft.  The altitude created quite a workout just getting from stream to our camp.  During lunch,  thanks to Jeremy, we discovered the joys of peanut butter on fig newtons.  It was like a Reeses Peanut butter commercial, yummy.

Many of the guys engaged in random acts of napping.  It was a perfect area for napping, with the warm sun warming our shirtless bodies, on this relatively cool mountain afternoon.  A light cool breeze raced up the overlook, and the smell of pine permeated the air.  The altitude just seemed to entice us into slumber around our wildnerness camp.  Or maybe it was the globs of peanut butter on the fig newtons.

A few of us went on a festive jaunt to Devil's peak above High Meadow Spring, where we enjoyed cool views of San Gorgonio peak and the lush High Meadow. 

When we got back to camp we began happy hour and for dinner had Southern Thai Chicken and Rice.  We finished off dinner with Mexican wedding and cranberry walnut cookies and then yakked around the candle lamp before our early retire for the evening.

It was a chilly evening.  It was so cold that Jeremy and I thought the water froze in one of the water canisters.  Glenn minutes later informed us that he froze it before the trip. 

Sunset and sunrise were magnificent both days, as Jeremy and I busily snapped away at our cameras and enjoyed the ambience.

The next day we hiked an amazing trek along the scenic San Bernardino Peak Divide trail.  The views of San Gorgonio,  the surrounding mountains, and the San Bernardino valley were unprecedented.  Of course, the discussion during our trip went all over the place.

We descended through the gorgeous meadows on the west side of the Gorgonios and the reached a heavenly creek at John's meadow where we bathed in the sun and the refreshing creek.  Flowers and rich greenery proliferated the area.  Of course studly Jeremy and Ron added to the scenery with their hot shirtless physiques. 

Ima kicked butt on the trip and was the  first dog to backpack with Perfect Pace.  Never underestimate what Ima can do.  She is a wonder dog.  She's our Ima.

Whoever said perfect pace was always racing up a mountain at lightning speed.  Sometimes perfect pace is letting yourself be cradled in the arms of mother nature, as you drift off to sleep on a lazy summer afternoon.

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