Netherlands Camping Weekend (NL)

By Leo.

Friday night round 20:00 hour complied Erwin first there as me on the campground of farmer Damhuis in Beuningen. The sun was gone neat below and spread mist out over the pastures. Behind the koeienstallen, villagers were press in the again with the preparations of a touwtrektoernooi. (That Sunday will there in Beuningen pulled become that one dear desire was.) Shortly after Jim and Jaap arrived. And after that Mark and Rutger.

The farmer was to be found nowhere and thus we chose self a kampeerplek on the square piece grass, opposite a threesome uninhabited trailers. We had the campground for us only, what had to chatter pleasantly. After what have dinner, chips and wines went we sleep.

In the Mornings we became awake with soft rain ticking on the to, but this stopped got up then we. The rests of the Saturday had we beautifully again. 10:15 hour we left to bow direction Oldenzaal on the Paasberg off in western direction, along the Noaberpad. Firstly through the Voltherbroek and after that through the Agelerbroek. Paces after 15 kilometers came we the first cafe against: in Large Agelo.

The walk went would end from the stuwwal by Oldenzaal, through the woods and pastures territory around Rossum, notwithstanding that the stuwwal by Ootmarsum, and in bronnenbos The Springendal. By Ootmarsum had we a beautiful view over the former swamp area that the Volther- and Agelerbroek previously been are.

With what errands from the supermarket in Ootmarsum was it yet 4 kilometers till at the NTKC-campground Springendal. While Jaap, Erwin and Jim it a campfire burned had I a family-reünie in Rossum. Mark and Rutger left that evening to the Achterhoek.

Twente and the Achterhoek form an and the same region. At least, that it think many. Besides becomes never Twente often Achterhoek named, but Achterhoek Twente. If born More keen can I that never so good have: as if I do not exist. And I find it also cathedral. Only yes, I must well confess that the regions scenic awful on each other appear. As for peoples nature she I want to differ well a little bit.

Sunday morning I had to find trouble the NTKC-campground. He lies hidden beautiful in the woods. The ultimate nature camp approaches there to stay the night.

Just then we the fit in it set began to rain it, while we along the bronnetjes walked yet softly, but once at that past harder, through which we get must really our rain capes forth. In Vasse watches Hans and Ingrid us on with aunt Sien. Round 11:45 hour we ordered about it coffee and tea and 12:30 hour walked we prevent further.

The sun broke walked through then we over the Vasser pile-driver direction Ootmarsum. There Erwin and Jim took the bus to Oldenzaal and walked Ingrid, Jaap, Hans and I further.

Along different beaks, we, interrupted through the Almelo-Nordhornkanaal, continued the Twentepad direction water mill and castle The Singraven. Striking was the rest, as well yesterday as today. We came almost no other walkers, fietsers or cars against.

By The Singraven, we have drank what. From there we are walked back along the Dinkel to the camp ground in Beuningen. Precisely then we arrived, were distributed round 18:00 hour, the prices by the local tournament. Yes, and then we could want to see what kind of type fellows that rope hikers were. That differed rather per town. The winners were then perhaps the strong Sten, but the good-looking Stens were not she certainly.

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