Kauai Nude Beaches Update

After the 15-mile marker on Highway 56, north of Kapaa, you look for PAPAA road on the right hand side. 2/10 mile down you come to Kalalea View road on the right. About 3/10 mile along that road you see to your left a roadway with a board saying BEACH ACCESS. Follow it to the end, where it turns right to a parking area, park your car, and hike down to the beach, not too steep a walk. A pleasant, sandy beach awaits you, several hundred feet long, with rocks at each end. You may see one or two fisherman, but they won't bother you. Total distance from Kapaa to the beach parking is about 10 miles, a 15 to 20 minutes' drive, depending on traffic. Unlike adjoining Aliomanu Beach, there are no houses close to this beach.

Years ago, Lydgate State Park beach had a toilet, shower, and picnic tables and benches, and at the southern end nothing but wild beach where nudity was no problem. No longer. The whole area is built up as a super modern park facility, and stack of dressed people are in evidence everywhere. One should not forget that the population increases, tourists are numerous, and "progress: is inevitable. One should also keep in mind that there are still many secluded beaches around the island.

Local naturists report that most eastern clothing-optional beaches on Kauai are still available: Wahiawa Bay, Maha'ulepu Beach, Ninini Beach, Aliomanu, Pilaa, Moloa'a, Larsen, Rock Quarry South and Secret Beach. Tunnel Point on the north shore is not advisable; an overzealous lifeguard threatens nudes, even topless bathers, and calls the police out. It is not worth the hassle. Life is too short, and with nine other beaches open for nude use on the east and south shores, you have plenty to enjoy in safety. Occasionally you get hassled on Secret Beach by a self-appointed beach police---an Asian character who goes around telling nudes and semi-nudes that they have no right to be natural. The guy actually works for a consortium of homeowners at the top of the cliffs, led by a Michelle Hughes, and the Kealia Kai development close to Donkey Beach. Beyond making an occasional nuisance of himself, he has no authority on the beach.

At Rock Quarry Beach, although it does not have a particularly gay reputation, we never saw any clothed people come there. Some surfers floated out on the bay, but they did not bother us. Later, on the way back to the car, we crossed Rock Quarry Central, and four textiled surfers came down to pursue their sport. All was quiet and peaceful.

At lovely Donkey Beach, where the four of us were nude, no one among the dozen dressed beachgoers gave us any trouble. Several of them walked along the beach and passed us, but they just gave us smiling greetings. A very pleasant time was had. While the Hawaii government several years ago prohibited mere nudity, enforcement has been haphazard, and the Hawaii Supreme Court threw out several such prosecutions.

Fortunately, most people who would be offended by simple nudity do not visit these secluded beaches mentioned; therefore naturists can usually enjoy this tropical paradise and idyllic setting without reprisal from some of the extremists who feel the need to cover up the population. Even the dressed people going to these secluded beaches are usually mellow and pleasant.

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