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Read these testimonials from our members.  

GO has definitely had a positive effect on my life. Not only have I enjoyed the social interaction with many other gay men, but I have also established a few very solid friendships with other GO members with whom I get together on a regular basis." 

~ Tony from Kingston, Rhode Island [Member since August 2007]

I've made some great friends through GO, and I've explored places I otherwise would not have seen. I'm glad GO is available and I'm happy to support it with my presence and membership." 

~ Minh, from Coventry, Connecticut [Member since June 2010] 

GayOutdoors was an affirming experience which I needed in my life. I am very grateful for the time spent with it. "

  ~ Anonymous 

"It' s been nice to meet another gay man who are kind respectful, polite,and friendly.

~ Hernan from Great Barrington, Massachusetts [Member since March 2016]

" GO listingshelp me realize I'm not alone as either a gay person or as an outdoors person in the Central NJ area. Even if I can't make events, knowing GO exists helps me learn about possible destinations and outdoors guys in this area."

~ Rob from Pennington, New Jersey [Member since March 2009]  

" I have great respect for what you have created here - it is a fantastic resource to bring gay men together in a manner outside the standard bar, club & hookup site scenes. True friendships are able to be developed with Gay Outdoors - a very valuable service for many gay men.  ~ Gregg from Durham, New Hampshire [Member since April 2014]

Makes possible the interaction with gay men in a healthy-safe-respectful ground.  Very appreciative of that."  ~ Morgan from North Egremont, Massachusetts [Member since July 2006]

"On the very first GO trip, I met people who quickly became very close friends. I expect these people will be strong life-long companions far beyond GO itself.I would recommend that my friends and any man experience events with this group at least once.~ Mike from Braintree, Massachusetts [Member since October 2014]

I've become more fit, and I've made lots of friends. Also I've seen interesting parts of the country." ~ Michael from Greenwich, Connecticut [Member since March 2011]

"GayOutdoors hasgiven me a platform to come out of my shell and be social. As an introvert, socializing has many challenges. Participating an outdoors activity with a friendly group alleviates a lot of the anxieties. Thank you GayOutdoors!" ~ Henry from Madison, New Jersey [Member since August 2010]

"Gives me a very positive feeling. I like being positive and in that atmosphere." ~ Joseph from Schenectady, New York [Member since April 2016]

"The fact that it is an all-male club is important to me! I spent 30 years teaching lesbians how to do the sports that I love because most gay men are not attracted to my sports. With gay outdoors, I can find the few outliers who are interested in the same things that I am interested in." ~ John from Parsonsfield, Maine [Member since September 2009]

While we were in Lincoln, we went down to LaHout's late one afternoon to buy sneakers for gym, and the guy who waited on us was entranced to have an out gay couple to wait on. He lives in Littleton, is "over retirement age" and just couldn't stop talking to us, to the exclusion of other customers he might've waited on. As we were heading down the stairs to check out, he touched my arm and said "You're such a nice couple; it's good to see. I'm with you, if you know what I mean...". It was sweet and sort of heartbreaking at the same time; on the one hand, it was nice to have our coupleness ratified, and on the other hand, it seemed sad to me that this man seems pretty isolated and lonely, and hungry for community which reflects back to him who he is. All this to say I wish I had told him to look up GO on the web; you probably have some sense of the power of the vehicle you have provided for so many men to come out, feel safe, and enjoy Nature and each other's company. Our community, our visibility, our ability to connect with one another in a safe environment is all the better for your work with GO. Thank you for that! ~ Cecil Maxfield from Brattleboro, VT [Member since October 2001]

As you can tell we've got a laid-back, friendly vibe! If  you would like to add a testimonial, please contact us. 

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