Interview with Joe Kelaghan

Tell us about your outdoors experience. How much do you like participating in outdoor activities?

I do day hikes and ride my bicycle in the summer, and I cross-country ski and snowshoe in the winter.  I am fortunate to live in central New Hampshire, where I can do all these activities within a one-hour drive.  Although I value my outdoor activities with my husband and close friends, I also enjoy the new people I meet through GO. 

If you knew someone who was thinking of starting with outdoor activities, what advice would you give them?

Join GO.  Find an activity that sounds interesting and fits your experience level.  Give it a try. 

What was your first GO excursion? How did it turn out?

It was probably a hike or a cross-country ski outing.  It probably included a great group of guys.  

What do you like about GayOutdoors?

Exposure to new activities and new people.  While I am very familiar with all that I can do near where I live, GO exposes me to new adventures all the time. 

Describe New Hampshire to our outdoorzy members who’ve never been there? Is there a lot to do if you are an outdoor enthusiast?

New Hampshire is a beautiful state with few cities and much wilderness.  I'm most familiar with the mountains, where most outdoor activities are steep and rugged and bring me to stunning vistas.  However, it's also possible to find flatter areas for easy hiking and bicycling.

What changes have you made to better our environment?

I've made changes to my home (installed heat pump and on-demand propane water heater).  I often walk or ride my bike for errands around town. 

What is a memorable mountain moment?

My favorite mountain moment was a nighttime snowshoe hike to the first ledge of Welch Mountain (in Thornton) during a full moon.  I have 3 chances every winter to repeat this experience, but I haven't done it again.  It's a goal for the future. 

What is your favorite day hike?

Jennings Peak in Waterville Valley.

What is your favorite place?

Waterville Valley.  It has some beautiful mountains and trails, and it has a nice cross-country ski network. 

What is the scariest experience you've had during an outdoor excursion?

Getting caught in a thunderstorm in the middle of the Welch-Dickey Loop.  I survived. ;)

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