Sam Gloyd Interview

Have you always been an outdoorzy person?

Yep, always been an outdoorzy guy, grew up on a farm. Loved the woods and stream. 

What piece of outdoor gear have you recently bought?

Recently bought a pair of REI convertible pants, charcoal gray, brand new for $3.99 at Urban Renewal in Brighton...love a bargain.  

What do you like about GayOutdoors?

I like the guys who show up. Haven't ever felt "attitude", rather always camaraderie. 

What was your first GO excursion? How did it turn out?

Don't remember the first GO experience but pretty sure it was with Mike and Jon, who epitomize the best of the GO spirit.

What is your favorite Masschusetts hike?

I like Worlds End in Hingham, high drumlins with ocean views.

What would members be most surprised to learn about you?

I evolved from a fundamentalist, evangelical, Christian youth evangelist to an out and proud gay Pappi (I have grandsons, brothers, 7 & 5).

What is your favorite Adventure Travel place?

So far my favorite travel adventure has been San Miguel Allende, Mexico.

Complete this sentence...you know it's been a good GO trip when...

...guys linger and are not eager to leave (and my legs are trembling with the exertion of the hike)

What is your favorite campsite?

Arches Nat'l Park in Moab Utah is my favorite campsite.

What is your favorite healthy food?

No cook brownies my housemate Glynn makes (cocoa, coconut, almonds and dates in a food processor).

Favorite "bad" food?

My favorite bad food, too many to mention, anything with sweets, butter, and cream.

Favorite hike snack?

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

If you could spend the day on the trail with one person, living or dead, it would be…

A sexy man with nice calves, a nice butt, strong shoulders and a gentle spirit.

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