Your Favorite GO Photo Contest Images...On Sale Now!

By Mike Boisvert.

Over the past few years, people would frequently ask if images from our annual Photo Contest were available in a calendar. It is something I have looked into time and time again with limited success. It's not that there aren't plenty of available printers out there. The problem comes down to a numbers game. Of all the companies I looked at, the troubles came in one of two ways. The first was a requirement to buy a large amount of calendars to get an affordable price or buy a small amount for a higher amount. Since GayOutdoors is a non-profit, I didn't want to ask if I could throw our money at buying a large amount of calendar prints because if they didn't sell, we'd be stuck absorbing the costs of production. If I went the other route, we'd be able to sell our inventory but with little to no benefit to us as a fund raiser. So, I tried and tried to find a viable way to find a viable balance.

Then I had a "Eureka!" moment earlier this month after learning that SmugMug provided photos to be sold by printing-by-demand. So, today I donated my vacation day to setting this up. But now, the time has finally come where I think everything is in order to pull back the curtain and introduce our GO Photo Contest Images Shop HERE. And since there might be a few questions, let me try and address a few of the big ones below:

How can I purchase them? Pictures can be directly purchased at the link above; just click on the photo you like and then in the bottom right corner click on the green BUY button to select the size photo you would like.  You can have the pictures printed on standard sizes, canvas, mounted or framed. 

Who is printing them? As previously mentioned, the orders are being fulfilled entirely by SmugMug. Click Here for more questions on buying pictures from SmugMug.

What if I run into trouble with my order or have additional questions? Since orders are being processed and fulfilled through SmugMug, all inquiries should be directed towards them. They also have a thorough Knowledge Database available here: http://help.smugmug.com/.

Does the full purchase price go towards supporting GayOutdoors? SmugMug charges a printing and service fee with every picture; however, a portion of the proceeds will go towards supporting GayOutdoors.

Are there any coupon deals? No.

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