PA/NJ GO Gathering ~ July 13-14

A Potluck BBQ/social event along the Delaware River with outdoor activities and overnight camping. The events that always seems to be our keynote are the GO Gatherings. The interest level from you has been fantastic and extraordinary!

There will  be a variety of trips to keep your interest during our weekend together. But the signature event for our Group is the Potluck Dinner. Charlie will be grilling up hot dogs/hamburgers and provide diet soda/bottled water; please bring a dish to share with everyone and your own alcoholic beverages. This is where you can meet over 40 of your fellow members and enjoy the comraderie that is the earmark of our Group.

So if you are new to the Group and looking to engage in our activities ~ camp with us during the weekend or just drop in for the day.   

We will be at Charlie's house on the Delaware River. 

We want to THANK everyone for their support and contributions to the 'best damn' Gay Outdoors club in the world!

We look forward to seeing you at Charlie's house on the Delaware River. Don't miss this opportunity to mingle outdoors with a large number of our Group ~ it only happens once a year!

This event is free! If you haven't done so already:

>>Click Here To Sign Up On The Website 



The PA/NJ GO Gathering will be held in Easton, PA at Charlie's house. Home to fresh air and variety of water activities. It's also the event where you can try a number of our activities in one place over one weekend: recreational kayaking, canoeing, tubing and swimming in the Delaware River; and bike riding on local roads. 


Escape the Summer Heat On The Delaware River

Imagine the dog days of summer. Maybe it's one of those sweltering days where everyone's talking about their weekend plans just to get out of the city..and while everyone seems stuck in their common routine, it's your turn to offer up what you're doing...

"I'm going camping on the Delaware River with over 40 guys."

Yeah. When it comes to bragging rights, it's hard to top a summertime camping weekend with a bunch of gay outdoozy guys. Sharing your photos of this event afterwards will inspire envy of everyone who did not attend. It's all about GO-ing Outdoors and Making New Outdoorzy Buddies in a safe, comfortable atmosphere.

Get your gear and lunches packed, meet at 11AM and head out for a fun day. Return in the afternoon, relax and enjoy the potluck dinner. 

On Sunday, you can take a scenic drive along the Delaware River to New Hope for the afternoon tea dance. It's a time for hugs, kisses, and packing up.   



165 Canal Rd is just off of rt 611 south of Easton, PA. Take the Easton exit from Rt 78. At the light go east on Cedarville Rd. At the end, go right onto rt 611. Canal Road is 3 miles down on the left just after a winding streching in the road and a colorful church steeple on the left. The road is called Raubville road to the right and Canal road to the left. Come down Canal Road to 165. I will give a phone number to all who sign up.

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