Ed Shell Interview

What draws you to the greater outdoors in general?

Just being in nature, taking it all in and seeing what this great Earth of ours is truly all about. 

Why do you like GayOutdoors?

It's super easy to host an event and even easier to post the information with GayOutdoors. Plus GO sends out the reminder to the local area members just before the date of the event. How much easier could it be? Kudos to GayOutdoors! 

What would members be most surprised to learn about you?

I have become a chocoholic [high end chocolates only of course ~ ugh!]. They could take away coffee, alcohol, etc. tomorrow, but I would go ballistic if I didn't have chocolate. I am hooked!  

What was your first GO trip? How did it turn out?

Such a bad memory for dates. Glad GO keeps a history of events I participated/led as part of my profile [another great thing about GO]. Looks like my first was almost 3 years ago [5/2/10], a hike at Round Valley Park. 14 guys signed up and I treated everyone to a picnic afterwards. Was a great start to hosting GO events and with all the participation and excitement, I was hooked.  

Outdoor Adventures that should not be missed?

Anything around the Grand Canyon. I have got to get back and do more. Anything in Yellowstone too. Heading to Glacier National Park next month and assume the adventures there are not to be missed either. We have so much to explore right here in the USA, it just goes on and on. I love it!

Best outdoor advice you have ever gotten?

To look up GayOutdoors online. Many good tips have come from that, many wonderful adventures took place, many nice guys have been met, etc. 

What is your favorite place in New Jersey?

The Cape May area, also the Deleware Water Gap area is amazing too.  

What is your secret talent?

Not so secret, but I create holiday and general greeting cards.

What piece of gear have you most recently bought?

A pair of hiking boots that I bought months ago and still have not worn. Is that crazy?

Have you used duct tape on an outdoor excursion? If so, what did you do with it?

Way back when, I recall as a kid helping use it to tape down some tent flaps during a very stormy night of family camping. We still got soaked. 

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