Guest Members Can Now Email/Contact Our 6,266 Members!

Over the years, we've been slowly restricting Guest Members access to the website in order to encourage them to become Full Members and financially support the club. One of the major restrictions is not allowing them to contact other members. With social media websites everywhere nowadays, this full benefit member may not be as important as it used to be. And we've always struggled with falling short of our goal, "GO Outdoors and Make New Outdoorzy Buddies In A Safe, Comfortable Atmosphere."

You'll be pleased to read that EVERY member can now email/contact other members that will bring greater interaction within the GayOutdoors community! This means:

  • You can now email/contact anyone you see Who's Online
  • You can now email/contact a member you want to meet from the results of our  Outdoorzy Buddy Matchmaking Program
  • You can now email/contact the trip leader for details about a trip you are thinking of signing up for; and once you do be able to contact the other participants for carpooling, questions, etc. You'll also be able to post comments and email all the participants at once
  • You can now email/contact the cute member you met on the trip afterwards
  • You can now send private messages to members in the forums

We hope that this will end up having more trips posted since EVERY member can now contact other members to put one together, greater participation because EVERY member can now contact the trip leader before/during the trip and the other participants, and greater chance of members returning for another trip because he can now keep in contact with members he met.

We are taking a risk financially. All other Full Membership benefits remain the same and we hope that many of you will become Full Members not only for the benefits, but because you want to ensure that GO remains strong, viable and around for a long time to serve the Gay Outdoors Community. If you like what we've decided:  >>Become A Full Member Now!!!

Thanks for making GO the great organization it is today and for making it the Home of the World's Largest GayOutdoors Club! 

Best wishes for 2013,

GO Board of Directors

© 2013 Gay Outdoors ; All Rights Reserved.

Hiking, backpacking, camping or vacation adventures, GayOutdoors [GO] has been the LGBTQ outdoorzy community leader for the last 22 years. We are an informal group of diverse hiking enthusiasts in the United States with a shared love of the mountains who prefer hiking with friends. We invite you to join us on our hikes, to post hikes for other members to join you and to share your hiking photos, stories and advice.

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If you find it invigorating to hike along a mountain trail with friends not knowing what’s just around the corner, to get some fresh air, to stop and soak in the views on a summit, and to soak your feet in a mountain brook after a hike, give us a try!


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