Steve McGreal Interview

1) What is your favorite place that you have been to on the planet?

Globally, that would probably be tied between Cambodia and Bolivia. They were both such special places for me. Domestically, backpacking in Alaska...it's just such a great outdoor paradise.

2) Do you shoot pictures with a digital or film camera?

Both...digital pictures are great for everyday, but nothing beats film still for the quality. I tend to use film on more significant vacations, while taking digital shots on weekend hikes or trips. Digital sure saves on development time and cost.

3) When you have 2 hours to squeeze an activity on a Saturday morning,
what do you do?

A bike ride, walk or short hike.

4) What is the number one reason why you don’t get outside as much as you’d

Unfortunately, work! The weekends just aren't long enough!

5) Where would you build your ideal vacation house?

Probably in the Connecticut Lakes region of northern NH or up in north central Maine near Moosehead Lake and Baxter State Park.
6) What adventure, that you have yet to do, is number one on your list?

I have always wanted to take on the Allagash River up in Maine for a week. This wilderness would be ideal for a canoe or kayak trip.

7) What is the most significant gear invention?

The The light-weight piezo-electric camp gear for backpacking (e.g. camp stove or lantern assemblies). The attachments weigh next-to-nothing and provide a great amount of flexibility...a couple of attachments with a shared tank of fuel makes them easy to pack.

8) What is your number one priority when buying a car?

Mileage. I have to drive a lot for work and, of course, for getting up to the mountains for hikes.

9) What do you do to enhance your outdoor fitness?

I try and keep in-shape by just biking and hiking around the local area when I get the chance.

10) What was you scariest moment on an outdoor adventure?

When a young woman got severely hurt trying to use a rope swing (on shore during a break) while we were on a kayaking trip on the Merrimac River (NH). It was not in the most accessible areas for emergency response personnel.

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