All trips are free. Only members are welcome to join us. A Guest Membership is free.

We have a wonderful bunch of members ranging in age. We stop to have lunch, take photos, etc. So please pack your lunch, and plenty of water to get you through the trip.

When you see a trip or event that interests you, click on RSVP NOW to read the details. Rate yourself as a hiker to make sure the hike is within your capabilities.

Use the CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP button on the trip description page to register, select your mode of transportation and make any comments you'd like the trip leader to know. If you can't make the trip, please return to the trip description page and click on CANCEL MY PARTICIPATION.

When carpooling, please bring enough cash to pay your share of the cost of gas.

If you don't see a trip or event that interests you, click below and post your own trip or event! Whether it's hiking, social meetup [gay bar meetup, potluck, cook out, bonfire, etc.], swim excursion, camping, paddling, biking, city walks, vacation trips, backpacking, winter hiking, or something else, there are many GO members in your area who might be interested in meeting and joining you. Members particularly like easy trips. As you likely would surmise on your own, the key to a rich calendar in your area lies with those first few people who are able to step out in front and get the ball rolling in their area!

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