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Riding the woods roads of northern Maine


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It was a nice and sunny day, but very windy.  I decided it was a good day to go for a ride out in the woods and enjoy nature out of the wind. 

The recent warm weather had cleared most of the ice and hard packed snow from the plowed roads, although there were still some slick and slushy spots, especially in shaded areas. 

I knew what road I wanted to start out on from the paved road, but after that I really didn't have a plan.  I just drove where the plowed roads led me.  An 8-mile stretch of a road I went on hadn't been plowed since the last storm, but was passable. 

There is one spot with an excellent view of Katahdin, plus another with a more restricted view.  I passed by some ponds, brooks and streams.  I did stop to stretch my legs out at some of them.

Once I left the pavement I did not meet any road traffic and only saw 3 guys on snowmobiles. 

I didn't think to bring and ax and saw with me to use if a downed tree blocked my way.  Luckily there were only 2 or 3 trees down over the road and I was able to drive around them.  One area of roads was a dead end, and if a tree fell down over the road after I passed, and if I couldn't get around it, I'd have a long walk out to get help.  I took the risk and luckily no trees blocked me in.

By the time I got back home I had driven 205 miles, with 60 miles of that on woods roads.  The only wildlife I saw was birds. 

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