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Waterfalls in North Maine Woods


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This trip was actually two weeks ago, before all of the hot weather.

These are short hikes to two waterfalls in North Maine Woods west of Portage Lake.  The first series of waterfalls are Fish River Falls.  The second series of waterfalls are Rocky Brook Falls.  This involved driving around 60 miles on woods roads.

I met a couple trying to remove a tree from the road to Fish River Falls.  They were camping at the falls and were stuck behind the tree.  I did not have anything to help them with, but took a few swings of the axe.

My plan was only waterfalls, but the couple camping told me about a road that goes to a camp on Fish River Lake.  They had walked the road earlier to the camp and recommended it, so I walked the old road as well.  That was about a 2 mile round trip walking the old road.

I also went to another camp on Fish River Lake that has a drivable road to it.  That camp is actually for sale.  The road is normally gated, but the gate was open, so I drove the road as far as the camp driveway and walked that to the camp.

It was a cloudy day with some showers, but I did not get wet from any of them.

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